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How to Submit URLs To Bing For Quickly Index?

How to Submit URLs To Bing For Quickly Index?

Bing is a famous search engine favored by millions of people worldwide. This tutorial is designed to guide readers to submit URLs to Bing so that their websites can be quickly indexed by the search engine.

bing logoBing is a popular search engine from Microsoft. In 2012, it had corporate with Yahoo! To power Yahoo! Search, this makes it popular among all Yahoo! Search global customers and partners. Today, we guide you to submit URLs to Bing for fast index so that it can get huge organic traffic from search results page.

In general, there are two methods for submission, through the Submit your Site to Bing web form and through Bing Webmaster Tools. In the following, we introduce the steps carefully.

Submit URLs Through The Submit Your Site to Bing

This is the easiest method to submit URLs through the Submit Your Site to Bing, which is designed to allow web publishers to quickly notify Bing about their new updates. Once submitted, Bing will crawl the URLs quickly and index it if it meets the certain criteria.

First, go to the Submit Your Site to Bing page, which looks like the following screenshot.

submit your site to bing

Here, you are required to enter the URL of your homepage, type the characters from the picture and click SUBMIT button at last. Overall, the process is quite easy and you can successfully manage it without any technical knowledge.

Submit URLs Through Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools is used to help webmasters add their sites to the Bing index crawler. It offers tools for users to get their site index, create Sitemap, website statistics, ping tools and so on. At present, we are mainly focusing on its submission.

Log into the Bing Webmaster Tools, go to Configure My Site section, and click the Submit URLs feature that allows you to submit 10 URLs each day and a maximum of 50 URLs every month for immediate crawl and index.

submit urls in bing webmaster tools

To submit your URLs, you can simply enter 1 URL per line and click Submit button at last. The URLs are immediately evaluated for indexation. Once they met the criteria, the search engine will start to crawl it at once. Note that the Submit URLs feature is currently limited to root domains only.


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