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How to Stop the Accidental Posting in WordPress

How to Stop the Accidental Posting in WordPress

WordPress is a user-friendly content management system. With it, you can edit and publish your articles with much ease. Here, you simply need to open the editing screen, write down the words and click the Publish button. This way, your blog posts can be made online immediately. However, this kind of convenience also raises the possibility that you may publish your posts unexpectedly. Here, to deal with this situation, we’d like to introduce two simple ways of how to stop the accidental posting in WordPress.

As researched, even the experienced WordPress users may click the Publish button accidentally. Especially, it is likely to happen that you only want to save the newly added contents for your drafts, but end up publishing them. With the following listed methods, you can avoid this situation effectively.

Why You Need to Avoid the Accidental Posting in WordPress

In fact, if you publish your blog post accidentally, you can easily revert it back to the status of Draft or Pending. To achieve this, you only need to move to the Publish meta box and click the Edit button for the Status option. This way, you can open up the status dropdown list. And then, you should choose the Draft option and click the OK button.

Draft Status

However, it is possible that you may set up the automatic post sharing on Facebook and some social media platforms. Or, you may allow the automatic sending for the newsletters. If so, the accidental posting can be problematic. After all, you will make the unfinished content shared and sent to your social media followers and email subscribers.

In addition, people can get a 404 error after you change the status of the accidentally published blog post to draft. In this case, you can choose one of the following introduced methods to avoid this annoying situation.

How to Stop the Accidental Posting in WordPress

In fact, there are a lot of WordPress plugins you can use to deal with this issue. With this plugin, you do not need to edit the functions.php file of your website template with some lines of coding stuff. Instead, you can prevent the accidental posting simply after the installation of these plugins.

Here, we’d like to list two of the most widely used options.

Option 1 – Publish Confirm

The Publish Confirm is a light-weight WordPress plugin. It will implement the extra dialogue after you click the Publish button, working with the confirmation function. Note that there are no settings required to set up. You just need to install it and this plugin will handle the rest.

Publish Confirm

Option 2 – Confirm Publishing Actions

The second recommended WordPress plugin is named as Confirm Publishing Actions. This tool will prompt you to hit on the confirmation button whenever you are looking to take some actions on your editing screen. For instance, if you want to publish, schedule, update, delete or submit a blog post, you have to confirm your action.

This plugin not only prevents you from publishing your posts accidentally, but also helps you avoid the accidental deleting.


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