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Why and How to Start WordPress Webinars

Why and How to Start WordPress Webinars

Now, more and more WordPress users are looking to start an online webinar on their websites. This is a new and innovative way for you to better interact with your website audiences. Through it, you can connect with people on the web and know what they are thinking about easily. Based on the better understanding of people’s needs and requirements, you can achieve your goal in an easier and more effective manner.

In the following, we’d like to tell you what benefits you can get from the webinars and how to start WordPress webinars without too many difficulties.

Why to Start WordPress Webinars

Firstly, we are looking to tell you the obvious benefits you can get by starting the webinars on your website.

  • Connect with your readers and visitors effectively. This practice gives you the better and more direct understanding of them.
  • Sell and promote your products in a better way. With the webinar, you do not need to rely on the pure words to demonstrate your offerings. Instead, you can show everything in action, tell people how your products can resolve any issue in the real world, answer the questions promptly and many more.
  • Build up your email list easily. When running the webinar, you can collect the email addresses from people for participation.
  • Save time to satisfy your readers. Generally, you need to take much time to answer people’s questions and to meet their requirements one by one by sending the emails or via a calling. With the webinar, however, you can satisfy them all at once.
  • Make the profit. Surely, you can make your webinar a paid one to get some profits.

WordPress Webinars

Start WordPress Webinars using the WP WebinarSystem Plugin

To start WordPress webinars, we think you can try the plugin of WP WebinarSystem. With this plugin, you can easily run the webinars on your site, make the webinars a live one or an automatic one and customize everything about the webinar without the technical skills.

Here, we have listed some main features achieved by this plugin.

  • You can start the live webinars using the Hangouts On Air feature achieved by Google Plus.
  • You can showcase the pre-recorded webinars using the sources of YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Your webinar attendees can ask questions to interact with you easily.
  • The webinars are 100% responsive.

Set Up the Emails Settings

To better run your webinar and inform your readers of it, you need to decide a series of email settings for different purposes. Note that the default templates are decided properly. You can use the built-in templates and make some changes on your own.

  • Email sender – This is the basic email settings. Here, you should decide the “From” name and the “From” email address. In addition, for the better email delivery, you’d better upload the header image and enter the footer text. If you want, the base color and background color can be decided by you.
  • New registration – Here, you need to enter your admin email address. This way, people can receive the notification when they have registered for your webinar successfully.
  • Reminder before webinar – This plugin allows you to enable the webinar reminder. By enabling it, you can remind people of the upcoming webinar before one day and one hour using the emails. Even, you can inform people of the webinar replay.

Emails Settings

Decide the Advanced Settings

Next, you need to click the Advanced tab. From this part, you can decide which user roles have the permissions to create the webinars, to manage the webinar subscribers and to change the plugin settings.

Create Your New Webinar

Now, you can start creating your new webinar. For this, you simply need to click the New Webinar button.

To begin with, you need to give this webinar a proper title. The title can be showcased on all the webinar webpages and the email notifications. In addition, we recommend you to enter some descriptive words for it. Note that these words can be displayed on the webinar registration page.

After that, you can move to the right hand for the meta box of Host Names. Here, you can enter multiple names with the comma separation.

Host Names

Set Up for Your Webinars

Now, you can move to the bottom section of the screen. Here, you will find a box that requires you to enter your webinar URL. Note that you can see the link after you click the Publish button.

Webinar URL

Next, you should go to the meta box of Webinar Settings. For the most general options, you need to choose the webinar type of Live, Countdown or Replay, decide the webinar starting date, choose the time-zone annotation and set the webinar duration. Besides, if you want, you can disable the registration process for entering this webinar.

Webinar Settings

Now, you need to set up some settings for the essential registration page, thank you page and the countdown page. For these pages, you mainly should determine their display, such as the background color, textual content, form layout, main tabs, automatic showcase and many more. You can feel free to customize as you want.

Registration Page Settings

Set Up Your Live Page for Webinars

To run the live webinar properly, you should carefully set your live page. Here, you need to decide the title and background for this page. Also, you need to choose the option of Hangouts as the webinar type.

Live Page for Webinars

Now, you can start the hangout by clicking the “Start a Hangout On Air” button. This will redirect you to the Hangout platform offered by Google Plus. Here, you need to type the name and description of this hangout. In addition, from the Audience section, you need to delete the Public option so that only your webinar participants can know what you say.

Start a Hangout On Air

Also, you can choose to start now or later based on your webinar settings. As decided, you can share it and copy its link.

Now, you need to go back to the Live Page settings area and paste this link into the field of “Video or Image URL”. After that, you can continue the page settings by customizing the question box and the incentive box.

Question Box

Now, you simply need to publish this webinar. The registration page for this webinar looks as the following.

Registration Page

Once registered, people can check the countdown page if you have enabled.

Countdown Page

Start Your Webinar

If you want to start your live webinar, now, you can go to the Posts page of your Google Plus. Here, you can click the Start button after targeting your hangout.

Start Hangout

Now, you can be redirected to the following page. If you find that everything is OK, you need to hit the green button of “Start Broadcast”.

Start Broadcast

Do not forget to go back to your webinar editing page and set its status to Live. This way, people can check your live page when you start the webinar.

Live Page

Manage Your Attendees and Questions

If you want to know how many people are looking to check your webinar, you can click the Attendees Lists from the admin. Here, you can know who have signed up for which of your webinar.

Attendees Lists

In addition, as you may enable the question box for people to send you the questions, you can manage them easily afterwards. For this, you can get the general impression of the questions for a specific webinar from the post overview page.

Webinar Question Overview

If you are looking for the details, you can click the Webinar Questions button. From the drop-down list, you can choose the exact webinar. After that, this plugin will show you all the questions for it.

If you want to answer the questions, you only need to click the name of the attendee. After that, this plugin will open up an email program for you to send the email messages.

Webinar Question Details


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