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How to Start A WordPress Book Review Site to Showcase the Rating Information

How to Start A WordPress Book Review Site to Showcase the Rating Information

Frankly speaking, reviews are the great sources of information for people who are making the research for the services, products and items before placing the order. In this case, many WordPress users choose to set up a review site to make money or to showcase their expertise by writing the reviews.

In most cases, you can leverage the common WordPress review plugin to start your review platform for products. However, if you are looking to start a book review site, you’d better utilize the particular book review plugin that helps you enter the long list of book details and pertinent feedbacks into your blog post with much ease.

In the following, we’d like to introduce how to start a WordPress book review site to showcase the rating information for your listed books. If you do not know how to set up this kind of site, you can check this post for review site creation.

Start A WordPress Book Review Site using the Book Review Plugin

Actually, among all the plugins that are designed for reviewing books especially, the Book Review plugin is the most powerful and easy-to-use one. This tool can effectively save your time when coming out the book reviews. If you want, you can leverage the ISBN to populate the book information automatically, such as the author name, book title and the cover photo. In addition, this review plugin can benefit your site a lot for the better search engine listing and can help you monetize your site easily.

Now, you can check the detailed utilization in the following.

Finish the Book Review Settings

Here, you can directly hit the Settings > Book Review button to access the plugin settings page. And then, you should set up 5 main configurable options.

Firstly, you should think about the appearance of the review box. For instance, you need to decide to showcase the review box at the top or at the bottom of a blog post. Also, you should choose the background color, the border color and the border width for this special review box based on your page design.

Moreover, you’d better select the post types that can display the book review and information.

Book Review Settings

Choose the Rating Images

Next, you can move to the part of rating images. Here, you can choose whether to showcase the rating information in excerpts or not. Also, if you do not want to use the default rating images, you can upload your own rating images by entering the image URLs. Note that you should enter 5 URLs for the rating images from 1-start to 5-star.

Rating Images

Determine the Link Settings

After deciding the settings of rating images, the next thing you need to do is to determine the link settings. From this part, you can add the default Goodreads and the Barner & Noble links to your book reviews. This can add the further information for your readers to check a particular book. For this, you simply need to click the corresponding checkboxes. Note that this plugin allows you to choose the type of links for these two options to display.

Add Site Links

In addition, you can choose to create the custom links to display with your book reviews. For instance, you can add the Amazon links for the books. This way, people can purchase the books easily and you can generate the revenues effortlessly.

Note that you can specify the custom link to an image. If you leave the field of Link Image URL blank, the link can only be showcased in the plain text.

Custom Links

Lastly, you should choose to open the links in a new tab or not.

Add the Custom Fields

If you want, you can show some additional details about your reviewed books by adding the custom fields, such as the page number, artist, category and many more. Note that you can drag and drop them for the proper display order.

Finish the Advanced Settings

This plugin ensures the great convenience to automatically populate the book details. If you are looking to make use of this feature, you need to get the Google Books API and enter the API key. The Advanced settings page offers the link for you to do so.

Google Books API

Publish the Book Review

Now, you can create and publish the review post for a special book. Here, after entering the title and content of this post, you can move down to the Book Info metabox. By default, this plugin allows you to enter the book information that includes the title, series, publisher, author, release date, genre, pages number, format, cover image and source. In the synopsis part, you can also enter the excerpt of the book.

Default Book Info

Note that if you use the Google Books API feature, you can find the ISBN section that requires you to enter the ISBN number of this book. After clicking the Get Book Info button, the book information can be entered automatically.

ISBN Number

However, if you have added some custom fields and custom links, these parts need to be finished manually.

Now, you can save your contents and check the final result. Generally, it looks as the following.

Book Review Sample

In addition, this plugin can benefit your website traffic by showing your post in the search engine result like this way.

Review Post in Search Engine


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