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How to Start a Rocking Band WordPress Site

How to Start a Rocking Band WordPress Site

Are you looking to run a special online platform for your band? Actually, this can be a much easy thing if you choose to make use of WordPress due to the below three main reasons.

  • WordPress is highly flexible so as to allow you to run your band site in any way you prefer.
  • WordPress is 100% tricked out with the massive number of powerful plugins. These tools allow you to add any music related or the band related features freely.
  • WordPress can be fully customizable so that you can install any themes you like for the better website design.

This time, we are going to introduce the effective steps about how to start a rocking band WordPress site with much ease.

Step 1 – Start and Optimize Your WordPress Site

If you have already run a WordPress site with the full optimization, you can pass this step and move to the next one. If not, you firstly should finish the below listed preparations.

  • Sign up with a reliable WordPress hosting provider.
  • Choose the domain name and website name carefully.
  • Install WordPress on your hosting account, along with the useful plugins for the aspects of search engine optimization and security.
  • Create and publish the necessary Contact Us and About Us pages.

Step 2 – Choose and Install WordPress Band Themes

Picking up a proper WordPress band or music theme is one of the most crucial things you need to do. After all, this step decides the overall style, layout, main function and design of your site, so you’d better do a research among various choices online.

Personally speaking, your selected theme must have all the band and music related functions, such as the MP3 player, the audio downloading and the background music play. If not, you need to consider the below steps carefully.

Band Themes

Step 3 – Allow the Download and Sell for Your Music

If you are looking to start a band website, one of your main goals might be sharing or selling your music to other people online. In this case, you’d better allow the function of MP3 downloads so that you can offer your songs freely or at some charges.

Actually, WordPress allows you to share your songs by default. Here, you only need to click the Add Media button and upload your music files from your local computer. After entering some descriptive words for the download link, you can enable the MP3 downloading for your music properly.

However, this practice can only work well when you are willing to offer a few downloads. If you are looking to take the things to a much more professional and commercial manner, you’d better leverage the Music Store plugin.

Actually, this is an advanced music related plugin that allows you to share and sell your band music with ease. In addition, it can effectively protect all your audio files from being downloaded without your permission, thus can ensure your intellectual property.

Decide the Music Store Settings

After installing the Music Store plugin, you need to finish the most basic configurations of it in the first place.

  • Enter the exact URL where you want to sell and share all your band music in the whole.
  • Allow people to search your music based on some taxonomies, such as the genre, artist and album.
  • Allow the filter function for genre, artist and album.
  • Decide the number of songs to be showcased on each page.
  • Choose the store layout and the music player style.
  • Choose to automatically play all the available songs on the page one by one.

Music Store Settings

It is possible that you want to earn the money by selling your band music. If so, you also need to finish the following payment configurations by enabling the PayPal payment, entering your PayPal email, deciding the currency, choosing the PayPal button and many more.

PayPal Settings

Add and Display Your Band Music

Now, you can add your songs by clicking the Songs for Sale > Add New button. Here, you can enter the title of the song and enter some descriptions for it. In the Songs data section, you can provide the below information.

  • Enter the exact value of price you want. If you enter nothing, it means this song can be downloaded for free.
  • Both the demo and the full-version file path or the file URL of your song should be entered.
  • Choose or enter the artist and album for this song.
  • Upload the cover image.
  • Enter the time of duration and the year of publication.
  • Choose the genres from the right-hand meta box.

Songs data

Now, you can insert all your songs for downloading into a special webpage. Here, you simply need to click the Insert Music Store button from the page editing screen, and then, you can choose to display all the songs or some of them based on the genres, albums and artists.

Insert Music Store

Based on your selection of store layout, this page can look like as below.

Music Store

To download the song, people simply need to click the cover image.

Download Songs

Step 4 – Add the Event Calendar for the Playing Tour of Your Band

You need to let your fans know when and where your band is going to play a new performance and to release the new songs or an album. This is an essential component for a band site to increase your ticket sales and keep your current fans in the loop.

It is true that you can find a lot of WordPress calendar plugins to achieve this goal, but here, we think you need to consider one that caters to the musicians and bands, such as the Gigs Calendar plugin.

To use it, you firstly need to enter its settings page to choose a special webpage for housing this calendar. After that, you can click the Add New Gig button to add the new event. Here, you should enter the venue, date, name, tour, description, time and some other information of the new event.

Add New Gig

Note that you can repeat this step to add all your new playing tours. In addition, you’d better showcase this special page that hosts all the events in your main navigation bar.

Even, you can leverage the Next Gig widget and the Upcoming Gig widget to tell people what performance your band is going to make in the future.

Next Gig Widget

Step 5 – Display the Music Playlist

It is true that you already have offered the downloadable MP3 files for your songs. In addition to that, the music playlist is also important, which can have all your band music displayed and cued up freely by your fans and site visitors. This time, we think the Cue plugin is worth to try.

With this plugin, you simply need to click the Playlists > Add New button. Now, you can give this playlist a name, and then, hit the Add Tracks button to upload any song you like. Here, do not forget to give the song a name, enter the length, introduce the artist and upload a cover image.

Add Tracks

As for the display of the playlist, you can leverage the exclusive shortcode to showcase the playlist on your posts or pages. Note that the shortcode can be found from the right-hand Shortcode meta box.

Playlist Shortcode

The playlist can be displayed as below.

Playlist Sample

In addition, you can use the Playlist widget supported by this plugin to showcase your music playlist in the sidebar location.


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