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How to Start a Questionnaire in WordPress

How to Start a Questionnaire in WordPress

Looking to become a successful blogger or a webmaster? One of the most important things is to have a deep understanding of your readers, audiences, visitors and even online clients. You need to know what they want and whether they are your right targets. After that, you can provide the corresponding information or adjust your site in a right direction. To get the answers, the easiest way is by asking them the questions online. This time, we’d like to tell you how to start a questionnaire in WordPress effortlessly.

Frankly speaking, the information gathered via this method is pretty critical for the success of your business or online practice. In addition, the cost for doing so is quite low.

Utilize the Questionnaire Plugin

Actually, you can find a lot of related WordPress plugins that can help you start a questionnaire in WordPress with much ease. This time, we recommend you to use the Questionnaire plugin that adds the ability for creating the questionnaire sheet directly.

The main reason for us to recommend it is the ultimate ease of use. With this plugin, you do not need to determine the complicated settings and can use the simplest and most effective design for the questionnaire form.

Add the Questionnaire Post in WordPress

After the plugin installation, you can click the Questionnaire > Add New button directly to start the new questionnaire sheet. This way, the plugin will create a new post that comes with the questionnaire post type.

Here, you can add the title and the body section of this post just like you edit the common blog post. Personally, we think the post content can give people a strong incentive and encouragement to finish and to submit your questionnaire.

Next, you need to press the Screen Options button. After opening this special area, you can find a new checkbox of Questionnaire Sheet. Just click it. This way, the Questionnaire Sheet meta box will appear at the bottom of this editing screen.

Questionnaire Sheet

Finish the Questionnaire Sheet

Now, you can add the questionnaire form from the meta box of Questionnaire Sheet. The process is quite simple. You simply need to click the Edit Form Entries button to open the drop-down list. Here, you can find the Add Item button. Just hit it to create your questions.

Here, we need to mention that this plugin offers various types of the questionnaire items. Among them, only the Label option can be used to create the questionnaire questions. In this case, if you are looking to generate the questions, you have to set the item type as the label. However, as for the answers, you can choose the choices of radio, check, option, message, number and data time. Among them, the former three types require people to choose among your given answers. As for the rest three types, people need to enter the exact value based on their own opinions.

Edit Form Entries

Here, for the questions, the special questionnaire sheet will add a Q marker for identification. Here, you can click the icon in front of the Q marker. After that, you can add the image to that question and decide to make it a required question or not.

Constraint Settings

In addition, this plugin gives you the enough freedom to reorder all the questions and answers of your questionnaire by moving them up and down. The delete button also allows you to easily remove any of these items with ease.

If you want to know how your questionnaire will showcase, you can check the form preview from the Form Sample area.

Form Sample

Display the Questionnaire

If you are satisfied with the form preview, you can click the Save button to save the settings. Surely, you can also hit the Redraw button to fill out the questionnaire sheet from the scratch.

Here, this plugin will showcase the exclusive shortcode for you to display the questionnaire form. You simply need to paste the code to the content of this questionnaire post and click the Publish button.

Form Shortcode

The final result looks like the following. Surely, the form design may vary due to your website theme.

Questionnaire Sample

Decide Some Additional Settings for the Questionnaire Form

In fact, this plugin also allows you to decide some extra settings for the better showcase of the questionnaire form.

  • You can make this questionnaire form a private one or a public one based on the cookies, username, user email address, IP address and the browser version.
  • This plugin allows 5 options for the form style. Here, you can choose your most preferred one. Even, you have the freedom to specify some additional styles using the CSS coding.
  • If you want, you can make this form available to people who haven’t finished it yet.
  • You can make this questionnaire a time-limited one by setting up the specific timeout.
  • Even, you can decide the settings for the Submit action. These include the button text for this action, the greeting message and the button text for the dismiss action.

Edit Attributes

Check the Answering Report

To check the questionnaire report, you can move down to the Answer View part. Here, you can choose to look at the Summary, which tells how people answer all the questions using the bar chart or the pie chart.

Answer Summary

Also, you can check the List part, which displays the statistics on the list.

Answer List


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