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How to Start Facebook Marketing to Drive More Traffic

How to Start Facebook Marketing to Drive More Traffic

Facebook is one of the most popular social network platforms that have been widely used by a lot of people all over the world. Due to this immense popularity, more and more webmasters use it to promote their personal blogs or websites. As estimated, there are more than 1.23 bullions registered users who are active in this site since December, 2013.

As many of our readers, especially newbies, have no idea how to start Facebook marketing effectively, our professional editors have come out a detailed guide helping you get more traffic with the help of Facebook.

Relate the Profile with Your Website

The first step is to complete your profile strategically, and relate it with your website tightly. After all, if you regard Facebook as a website marketing tool to drive traffic, then everything on your account needs to be relevant to your site or blog.

Be careful about your cover photo and profile picture. We highly suggest you clipping the front page of your website as the cover photo, and using a casual head shot of yourself with high resolution as the profile picture. In addition, you also need to complete some other information like work and education, places lived, professional skills, contact information, live events, and many more. Just finish them based on your real situation to give people a sense of humanity.

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Get Facebook Followers

To use Facebook to promote your website, you’ll need a lot of friends or followers. Generally, you don’t need to know who they are before you sending them Friend Request. Simply search people who have the similar interests to your own or who are in the same niche as you. If your profile is professional and your posts are meaningful, then they might become a part of your Facebook network and introduce you to their own groups. There are a lot of targeting tools available in Facebook, with which you can find these right people with information like location, age, gender and interests, etc.

In addition, you can also join a group with the topic your website is talking about, and build a relationship with people in the same circle. Note that these group members are very likely to be your target readers.

Publish Website Related Content Regularly

There is no need to re-emphasize the importance of regular update. After all, staying active is one of the easiest ways to remind people of your existence. If you can guarantee this unceasingly, then make sure that all the images, tips, news, and textual content shared by you are related to your website. For instance, you can post a short quote with the featured image of your website article.

Besides, don’t forget to include links that redirect your website or some specific webpages with a clear call to action. Thus, people can click through to your site easily if they are interested in your Facebook posts.

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Click to Website

In fact, using Facebook to drive more traffic can be translated as inducing more clicks to your website. To do this, there are 2 effective methods.

  • Introduce your site manually by adding the URL in the personal profile, especially the About You section and Contact Information section. Besides, include the URL of the special webpages of your website whenever you publish a new post. Note that the post content and the linked page must be related.
  • Get more clicks with the help of Facebook Ads. You can show this ad in the right column of your Facebook front page or in the News Feed area. In order to induce people clicking on your website, the ad image you have selected needs to be eye-catching and representative.

Make Use of Facebook Like/Follow Button

facebook like buttonThe utilization of the 2 plugins is to promote your Facebook posts. The more popular your website related posts are, the more chances to be known by people on the web you can get.

  • The Like Button allows people to show their likes of your content. If they click on this button, then your post will be automatically displayed on their timeline and news feeds, meaning that you might be known to a wider social group. Besides, this tool can show your popularity as it can showcase how many visitors vote positively about your content.
  • The Follow Button is helpful for your subscribers to know the latest updates on your website. Once you publish a new post, they can be informed at once. This means you can carry out a Facebook promotion easily and automatically.

Extra Story – Why Facebook Is A Solid Choice to Boost Website Traffic?

After getting a clear understanding on how to increase website traffic with Facebook, and now, we are going to tell you the truth of why it is the solid choice for you. Originally, people use Facebook to keep in touch with their friends and contacts, to express their opinions about some specific topics, to give vent to the negative moods, or to show off their touring experience. At present, however, many people take advantages of this social medium for their online business. As many of our readers have no idea about the benefits of Facebook for business online, we have presented the answers in the following.

Increase the Number of Potential Customers

customerIf your Facebook account is popular coming with a lot of followers, then you can publish posts that are related with your products, such as the product reviews, introductions, and promotions. In this case, your followers who are interested in what you have sold will turn to your official business sites to figure out the detailed information.

If you product is really quality and cost-effective, then these followers are very likely to become your loyal customers. In addition, as every person has its own social group, these may also introduce your commodities to their friends or social groups, enlarging your user base quickly and significantly.

Promote Products in Various Ways

In addition to the standard blog posts that contain the plain words, Facebook users now can also enrich the post content with some other methods, such as images, videos, and audios. Frankly speaking, these methods have no difference from the typical advertisements, but they are much more affordable than advertising.

Here, we highly suggest you adding some high-definition images for your products as pictures can pique readers’ attention easier than the common words. In addition, if you are going to insert a video for product or the latest sales introduction, you’d better make a teaser one as it can arouse people’s interests effectively.

Reduce the Promotion Budget

BudgetFor business owners, the budget is undoubtedly the top priority. However, the product promotion and advertisements will cut down a large portion of budget. In this case, Facebook is pretty important and useful.

To be honest, Facebook can be regarded as one of the cheapest product marketing platforms. You only need to introduce your products with some attractive words, images, numbers, or even videos, then there will be some people turn to your customers.

Provide Customer Support

This benefit has always been ignored by business owners. Every Facebook post has a comment section integrated, with which customers can write down their opinions about your products or services directly. If your customers have encountered some problems, you can reply them with the best resolutions. If there are some complaints, then you can update and refine your commodities promptly.

Build Brand Awareness

Without doubt, building the brand awareness is difficult, costly, and time-consuming, but you can do this with Facebook with ease. In addition to the standard Facebook posts to market your brand, you can also make use of the Facebook brand page. With it, you can engage and interact with your customers easily, attract a large number of loyal followers for your brand, increase the search engine ranking of your business site, and expose your products in front of people carrying a positive impression.

We have already come out a related tutorial that can help you build such a powerful page without any hassle. You simply need to read this post and following the mentioned steps carefully.



According to the benefits presented above, Facebook is undoubtedly useful for online business. However, we have to mention that all of these are based on a popular Facebook account. If you fail to have a large follower base, then this powerful platform can do little, or even nothing to for your business. Note that, to succeed in online marketing with Facebook, please read the words carefully in the front of this post as well.

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