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How to Start Content Curation in WordPress

How to Start Content Curation in WordPress

There is a new trend – Content Curation – which is helpful for you to be an expert in a certain field. The term might be new to you, however, you are probably a member of the WordPress site owners who have made use of it unconsciously. This article will try to introduce what Content Curation is and show you how to start content curation in WordPress.

What Is Content Curation?

In most cases, you may tend to create original content on your WordPress site. Because fresh content is always required for better SEO and more traffic. However, it is a quite time-consuming job to create a popular website because your readers always want much more useful formation. In fact, you can also turn your eyes towards content curation in order to distribute the content with the best value.

To begin with, you need to figure out what Content Curation is. Just like an art exhibition, you share the content you collect from external sources in an organized way and add your voice to it like commentary. In this way, your visitors will have an access to the quality content you have filtered and sorted in a centralized place. For your better understanding, you can take Google+ as an example.

There are some reasons why you need to attach some importance to content curation. To put it simply, you can have better engagement with your readers, build your own brands, and improve the SEO of your WordPress site. For the detailed explanation, you can move on to take a close look at how content curation will work for you.

  • Better engagement with readers: By displaying more meaningful content, you can remain your readers on the website for a longer time because they have more reasons to return to your website.
  • Build your own brand: As a source of reliable content, your website will be regarded to be trustworthy because your readers can directly find the related content on your website to meet their needs. Therefore, it is a quick way for you to build your own brand with content curation.
  • Improve your search engine rankings: Since your website is a collection of the quality content for a topic, it will be indexed by search engine in an easy way. As a result, content curation will bring more and more traffic to your website.

How to Start Content Curation in WordPress

On the market are lots of available plugins which are designed for content curation. Therefore, you are likely to lose your way in the sea of plugins. In order to show you a way, we recommend MyCurator to be at your service. In order to activate the plugin, you should log in to WordPress, go to the Plugins > Add New page, enter the keyword “MyCurator” into the search bar, and click “Install Now”.


Since an API Key is needed, you need to visit the MyCurator website, fill out the information to register on the site, and create a login for your account after choosing a plan. To be honest, the free plan can meet your needs in most cases.

Free Plan

When you have completed the form, click “Submit” and you will receive emails with your password and API key.

Submit Information

At this moment, you are able to enter the API Key into the MyCurator > Options page.

Enter Key

Then on the Get It & Source it page, you need to drag and drop the Get It link to your browser’s bookmarks bar. However, there are some instances when you cannot successfully achieve that. In this situation, you should follow the below steps as the screenshot displays.

Set Bookmark

Next you can curate the related content which you think is helpful for your visitors. Select the content from a website and click on the Get It bookmark which you just created. At this moment, you will be taken into a popup window where you need to click on the “Save Draft & Edit” button.

Popup Window

Your WordPress site will automatically create a new post for the curated content. An attention should be paid that your visitors cannot full view the content until they click the link to view the original web page, which helps prevent the duplicated content issue.

Curate Content

However, it is also necessary for you to make your voices heard by your visitors who may want to have a general idea about the content. As a guide, you need to add your own commentary or images into the content for the better understanding of your visitors.

Final Verdict

Besides content curation, you can also try to provide much more useful content for your visitors with content aggregation (usually used for building a WordPress autoblog) which means the existing content is displayed without any changes. Lack of your voice, however, content aggregation cannot do you a favor for the improvement of your search engine rankings, but enable you to show more useful content with no efforts.


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