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How to Start Blog Building Affordably and Easily

How to Start Blog Building Affordably and Easily

This tutorial is mainly written for beginners who have no idea how to run a WordPress blog on the Internet easily and affordably. In fact, due to the fast-growing popularity of blog, there are a lot of guides or strategies available online, but the majority of these posts are catering for experienced webmasters about site customization, search engines optimization, hacker prevention, and some other advanced technologies. Thus, newbies still feel confused how to start blogging successfully.

In fact, for people who set up their personal blogs for the first time, there are 6 things they need to take into account: hosting selection, site building tool, domain name, website theme, necessary plugins, and content. In the following part, we’d like to explain these factors in detail.

Select a Reliable and Affordable Hosting

This is the first and most important step that determines the success and popularity of your blog site. We have found that many people choose free hosting service to save budget, but end up having a terrible blogging experience with limited volume of server resources, frequent blog site crash, slow webpage loading, and so many unfair restrictions. Therefore, if you are serious about your blog, you’d better choose a paid blog hosting solution. Below are some criteria of a truly quality blog hosting.


  • Affordable price of no more than $5/mo
  • Money back guarantee available
  • All the blogging related features
  • At least 99.9% and fast hosting speed
  • 24/7 responsive technical support

If you feel headache to find this kind of blog hosting provider among thousands of companies on the web, simply try BlueHost – one of the best web hosts which has been trusted and recommended by millions of bloggers all over the world.

Choose a User-friendly Blog Building Tool

There are a large number of blog building tools available, but we only recommend WordPress, which is the most popular and free one building more than 60 million sites all over the world. With this software, you only need to bear the most basic computer knowledge, then can edit, publish, update, delete your posts of textual contents, images, and multimedia easily. If you want to manage the appearance, layout, widgets and plugins of your blog site, WordPress can also help you achieve your goal within minutes.

In addition, with the 1-click WordPress installer offered by almost all the web hosts, you can install and run this tool simply by clicking a few buttons.


Decide the Suitable Domain Name

The domain name is the address of your blog site to help people find you, so you have to choose an appropriate one that is easy to remember, spell, and type. There is a small tip that you’d better avoid using hyphens in your domain, for people may forget that hyphen thus direct to another site.

In addition to simplicity, the domain you choose should be keyword-related to improve the search engine optimization. For instance, if your blog is about coffee introduction, then you’d better choose a domain that contains the word of “coffee” or “café”. You can read this post for more about choosing domain name.

Have an Attractive Blog Theme

Generally, people prefer to visit blogs with structured layout, light-color background, and clear navigation, and all of these can be done properly by a quality theme. In fact, there are numerous blog themes available on the web, so your choices are unlimited. But here, we mainly recommend the themes designed by Elegant Themes. See an example in the following.

My Cuisine

Install Necessary Plugins

pluginYou can find a lot of powerful plugins at WordPress.org, with which you can extend the functionality of your blog site with ease, such as adding social networking platforms, discussion board, shopping cart, and content Like or Share button. Besides, some plugins are used to improve your SEO, backup your data, and prevent your blog away from malicious intruders. In one word, you can install the most popular plugins according to your real situation, but remember not install too many as it may affect the site performance.

Create Quality Content

The content is the core part of your blog, so you have to make it unique and meaningful to pique readers’ attention. How to do this? Only write what you are interested in, such as sharing your daily activities and moods, introducing your favorite songs and movies, or even selling your goods and services. Remember that your posts need to be original and keyword-rich, otherwise you may feel difficult to get a high ranking in search engines and get more blog visitors.


Susan Rose is a freelance writer who has a deep knowledge about WordPress. She loves everything related to website building since the freshman year at Christopher Newport University, and loves to share her experience with people all over all the world. In the daily life, Susan loves detective novels as it can train her logical thinking and creativity.