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StableHost Review – Shared Web Hosting Review & Rating
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StableHost Review – Shared Web Hosting Review & Rating

Need a web hosting service with a list of freebies? The StableHost may be an ideal option in that case. This StableHost review is written for readers who are hesitating about whether to go with this company. That reveals the secret of the company’s shared web hosting with an all-sided analysis.

Background Story of StableHost

About StableHostStableHost is a small web hosting company, consisting of roughly 10 employees. Those employees all have specialized knowledge of web hosting development. They keep updating the hosting services regularly thereby ensuring high quality of each solution.

StableHost believes that only cheap and quality services can attract more users. As thus, this company always launches some coupon codes to enable various special offers for customers. Maybe now, many readers start to question whether such a small group can provide customers with high-quality shared web hosting. Continue with this review to find an answer.

StableHost Shared Hosting Plans and Special Offers

StableHost has developed three shared web hosting solutions, which are listed as below.

  • Starter – Starting at $4.95/mo, this plan is perfect for users who start to set foot in this market and plan to build their first website.
  • Pro – Starting at $8.95/mo, this plan is designed for webmasters who have created multiple websites and wish to get more hosting resources.
  • Platinum – Starting at $29.95/mo, this plan is a enterprise-level hosting solution, perfect for enterprise websites or the sites with large scale.

Note that, the price information mentioned above is valid for 1/3/6-month billing cycle. StableHost enables a certain amount of discount for customers who subscribe the 12/24/36-month plan. Check detailed information in the following table.

Billing Cycle Starter Pro Platinum
1-Month $4.95/mo $8.95/mo $29.95/mo
3-Month $4.95/mo $8.95/mo $29.95/mo
6-Month $4.95/mo $8.95/mo $29.95/mo
12-Month $3.95/mo $7.95/mo $28.95/mo
24-Month $2.95/mo $6.95/mo $27.95/mo
36-Month $2.50/mo $6.50/mo $27.50/mo

Use the coupon code 35OFF4LIFE to activate 35% discount. Before checking out, customers are able to use this coupon code to activate an extra discount. That makes the subtotal 35% off. Besides that, some freebies enable more boon for customers, including website builder, website transfer, account setup and R1Soft nightly backups.

By the way, the domain registration is $14.95/year. Both credit card and PayPal are available for the payment.

What’s in the StableHost Shared Hosting Packages?

StableHost includes sufficient resources and advanced features to each solution thereby making it unique. All packages come with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, which guarantee enough room for website development. The main features of three solutions are listed in this table.

Feature Starter Pro Platinum
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Hosted Domains 1 Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
PHP5 yes yes yes
Perl yes yes yes

StableHost Utilizes the Most Powerful Control Panel – cPanel

StableHost integrates each shared hosting solution with the more popular cPanel thereby making the site-building much easier. The Softaculous 1-click script installer is included in this control panel, which allows users to install multiple apps easily. Besides that, the Site Pro Web Builder helps webmasters create a website without paying too much effort.

How About StableHost Customer Service?

Although there are only around 10 employees, StableHost also guarantees 24×7 technical support via phone and email. That is great for customers who wish to get a solution in emergency. However, the sales support and billing are only accessible from 9AM to 5PM (MST), 7 days a week.

StableHost Technical Support

Need a help – but the support staffs are offline? Consider the StableHost Community Forums. That includes a large number of solutions for general questions, pre-sales, account setup, and so on. Besides, the Knowledgebase is also a great place to search for an answer.

To make things easier, StableHost sets a channel on YouTube and uploads a list of video tutorials to deliver hosting skills in a vivid way.

StableHost Review on Uptime and Speed

StableHost places servers in three locations, including Phoenix, Chicago and Amsterdam, NL. When purchasing a solution, customers are asked to select an optimal location as needed. That guarantees the fastest data delivery speed between server and the hosted site. Having tested StableHost uptime for a long time, we get a result that this company makes good on the promise of 99.9% uptime.

StableHost Uptime

StableHost hosts all websites on the top line of hardware thereby ensuring fast page loading speed. Each server is equipped with advanced SSD drives, dual CPUs and sufficient memory. To make it clear on how fast the network is, StableHost publishes the speed test to tell the truth. Below is the speed test for a site hosted on the server in Phoenix data center.

StableHost Speed Test

Summary: Should You Host with StableHost?

The answer is no. Briefly, StableHost provides webmasters with special offers and enable high usability for each solution. However, as a startup, StableHost is short of hands when it comes to technical support and network monitoring. Once an issue happens, it may be hard to work out a solution in time.

If there is a need to search for a cheap web hosting with cost-effective services, great support and high performance, the following companies should be considered.


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