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The Advantages and Disadvantages of SSD Hosting – Why Using SSD for WordPress Hosting?

The Advantages and Disadvantages of SSD Hosting – Why Using SSD for WordPress Hosting?

SSD Hosting, the abbreviation of Solid State Drive Hosting, is a web hosting utilizing solid state drives to store data persistently. With the vague concept, many customers are confused what are the advantages and disadvantages of SSD hosting, do I really need SSD hosting for my websites, etc. In this article, we carefully introduce the advantages and disadvantages of SSD hosting, and explain why you need it to power your website. Besides, we also find the best SSD hosting option as A2Hosting which helps customers start a fast and secure website at an affordable price.

The Advantages of SSD Hosting

SSD HostingA SSD (Solid State Drive) is a data storage device that utilizes integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data. Compared to the traditional web hosting utilizing standard HHD (hard disk drive), SSD hosting is typically more resistant to physical shock, run more quietly, have lower access time, and less latency. In below, we introduce the detailed advantages of SSD hosting, and explain why it values the expensive price.

  • 300% Faster Web Hosting Speed

    Traditionally, a web hosting utilizes HHD (hard disk drive) which has electromechanical moving parts to store data. That means every time when visitors accessing your website or opening a page, the server disk takes time to spin to locate the information and leads to some delay. You may cannot aware of the delay as it only takes a few milliseconds to access data, but you can clearly feel it when coming with a heavy load of activities on websites with a large number of visitors.

    SSD hosting, equipped with SSDs, has a significant improvement on web hosting speed. As SSD is a flash storage device that has no moving mechanical components, there is no mechanical movement every time data needs to be accessed in SSD hosting, which leads SSD hosting are more than 300% faster than traditional web hosting when it comes to response time.

  • Increased Reliability and Security

    SecurityIt’s easy to lose the website data if you are using traditional web hosting because HHDs are very sensitive and any slight mishandling can cause irreversible damage to your data.

    On the other hand, SSDs have no mechanical and moving parts and come with low wear and tear in a long term. In addition, SSDs are highlighted for less power usage, no heat generation, high durability and no need for fragmentation. With all these outstanding features, SSD hosting has less chance to damage the drives and loss of data.

  • High Stability

    As the above mentioned, SSDs have no unstable rotating discs so that they are less possible to skip during data encryption and decryption process. By this way, it ensures the every single piece of information on your website is properly stored on SSD hosting. And your website can be ensured smooth and online all the time.

The Disadvantages of SSD Hosting

Though SSD hosting comes with a lot of advantages to keep your website fast, secure and stable, it is also along with some limitations.

  • Expensive Price

    There is no free lunch in the world. Along with rich features and excellent performance, SSD hosting also comes with expensive price. While the price of SSDs has continued to decline in 2012, SSDs are still about 7 to 8 times more expensive than per unit of storage than HHDs. For this reason, SSD hosting is 50% more expensive than common web hosting averagely.

    However, in order to ensure that your site have a good user experience and the ability to stand a large number of visitors, it is worth to spend a little more money to purchase the really excellent SSD hosting.

Best SSD Hosting Choice – A2Hosting

After reviewed 100+ web hosting providers comprehensively and in-depth, we find that A2Hosting provides the best SSD hosting solution. A2Hosting (http://www.a2hosting.com) is a reputed web hosting provider with more than 10 years development in the industry. It offers 51% discount to allow customers purchase the Prime + SSD plan for $5.39/mo by click its exclusive promotional link.

A2Hosting SSD Hosting Promotion

Besides, this plan includes a lot of advanced technologies to optimize the hosting websites, such as

  • SSD with RAID 10 storage
  • CloudFlare CDN (content delivery network)
  • Railgun Optimizer

A2Hosting understands what customer needs and provides advanced SwiftServer platform and SSDs to boost the hosting sites performance. As we monitored its server response time for more than half a year, A2Hosting performs 394 ms response time averagely, which is much 300% than the common web hosts.


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