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Facebook Digital Marketing Ads

The company also offers a lot of different tools to market your product to different segments. Recently, it has started offering customization capabilities to advertisers allowing them to choose the target based on different factors such as age, location, marital status, and income, etc.

Using social media marketing Ads, you can invest either in the growth of your fan page or in adverting your particular product. Marketers can also make use of Facebook Audience Network Ads, which is a similar service to Display Networks.

Social Networks

There are a lot of social networks you can use to market your brand. Most of the marketers make a mistake of using multiple social profiles and networks to market the product. The end result is confusion and mix-up generated due to the publicity on a diverse range of social networks.

Instead of targeting multiple networks, it’s better to start by focusing on the three most well-known social channels: Facebooks, Instagram, and Pinterest. For most of us, these three social channels will suffice.

For online stores, Facebooks is a great choice due to its reach and services geared to attract the audience. As other alternatives, use Instagram and Pinterest to present pictures of your products. By focusing on two to three social platforms, you will be able to test and observe the results.

Once you have made a brand presence, it’s time to use Twitter to provide information and reveal your feelings about the product. Later, you can also use LinkedIn to build business partnerships with other like-minded companies and marketers.

Use the Email

According to a study conducted by SalesForce, for every dollar invested in email targeting, companies recover an average of 44 dollars. This is an attractive ROI for passive income and shows that you can still be productive using effective email strategies.

The first step is to build a solid database that allows you to send your emails effectively. There are a lot of online email advertising tools; therefore, choose wisely to make sure that the specific email software meets your requirements.

Once you’ve selected the tool, it’s time to write good titles. Try to be objective and send our emails at the ideal times. In the end, avoid spam because no one will open your emails once it’s sent to the spam folder.

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