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How to Split WordPress Post Title

How to Split WordPress Post Title

Just like the main content of your blog post, the post title is also critical. It gives the first impression to people for your article. Many readers even reply on the attraction of the post title to decide whether to check the detailed content. In most cases, the post title is simply the single heading. But actually, you can split it into multiple lines. This time, we’d like to tell you how to split WordPress post title with ease.

To be frank, this practice is pretty useful if the title of your post is too long. Surely, WordPress has the default function to split a long title into multiple lines. However, with this method, you can do this job manually and break the title from the location you prefer.

Split Post Title vs Subtitle

Before introducing how to do this, we firstly want to tell you the differences between the practices of splitting a post title and adding the subtitle to your blog posts and pages.

If you want to split a post title, this means you can break your existing title into some new lines without the possibility to change the overall style and formatting.

Split Post Title

However, if your aim is to add the subtitle, this means you will showcase another heading except to your original one. Generally, the subtitle is longer than your original post title, which acts as the explanation to offer the more detailed summary of the whole content.


If you have figured out your main aim, now, you can move down to check the detailed steps of how to split WordPress post title.

Split WordPress Post Title using the Page Title Splitter Plugin

To achieve this goal, the easiest method is to use the Page Title Splitter plugin. This simple plugin allows you to set the breaking points on the titles of your posts, custom post types and webpages. Note that there is no need to add the additional HTML to your titles. Instead, you only need to use the special markers offered by this plugin in the text field of your titles.

Set Up for This Plugin

After installing it on your WordPress site, you can enter the settings page of it by hitting the Settings > Page Title Splitter button. Here, you can check the default and pre-determined CSS and the classes for this plugin. If you have some additional requirements and bear the enough coding knowledge, you can modify them freely to suit your real needs. But personally, for the common webmasters, we think the default settings are proper.

Page Title Splitter Settings

Decide the Breaking Points for Your Post Titles One by One

Now, you can edit your current blog posts that have the lengthy titles or start a new one. From the editing screen, you can find a new bar below the title field with the grey color. From the left side of that bar, there is a special grey button available. You just need to click it so as to add a marker.

Now, you can click anywhere in your post title. This way, the marker can move to the pointed location to break the title. Here, you can add unlimited markers as you want to your title.

Add Markers

In addition, if you want to remove the breaking point, you can click the target marker again, and then, hit the red delete button.


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