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How to Split Test Post Headline in WordPress

How to Split Test Post Headline in WordPress

Without doubt, the post title plays a vital role in the success of your web contents. It is the first thing people will notice before going through your whole article. In this case, if the title is not attractive, meaningful, keyword-rich and eye-catching enough, your readers may pass the whole post that you have spared much attention and time to write down. To avoid this, here, you can try the practice of testing the headline. In the following, we have introduced the simple steps of how to split test post headline in WordPress.

In fact, many of you may already have realized the importance of the post title. Thus, you might learn some tips of coming out the good headlines for your website articles. However, by referring to these tips, you generally can get multiple headline variations. So, how to narrow down the title choices to get the final result easily? You can check the following part to learn the steps to split test your post headlines.

Utilize the Title Experiments Free Plugin

To figure out which post title can catch people’s attention and give you the best result, you can use the Title Experiments Free plugin. It can split test more than one title for a single post using the principle of A/B testing. In this case, you can easily know which headline variations can attract your readers the most, result in most page views and ensure you the highest click through rate.

Decide the General Settings of This Plugin

To use this plugin for achieving your testing purpose, you firstly need to click the Settings > Title Exp Settings button to determine the most general plugin settings.

  • You can use the JavaScript to set your post titles. Personally speaking, if your website adopts the heavy caching, you’d better enable this feature.
  • Generally, if you enable the first feature, you will see the blank space in the editing screen until the post titles are loaded. If so, you can hide the entire body section to avoid seeing the blank holes.
  • You can allow search engines to see your first testing title, the best performing title or the experimenting title. Personally, you think you’d better choose the second option.
  • If you want to get the more precise testing result for your title variations, you can enable the setting of ignoring the logged in users from the experimentation. Note that the logged in users do not include your common subscribers.
  • You can choose to display the titles that have the best performing in feeds, but not showcase the default ones.
  • The calculation frequency can be decided by you freely. Note that if you calculate the titles too often, your website performance might be affected.

Title Experiments Free Settings

Split Test Post Headline in WordPress

Now, you can start the testing. For this, you simply need to enter the post editing screen. Here, you can find the Add New Title button that appears below the title text field. You simply need to click it to add multiple headline variations.

Add New Title

Now, you can update or publish the blog post and wait for a while. After that, you can go back to the editing screen. This plugin will showcase a tiny bar chart next to each headline, which indicates the number of views and impressions, along with the exact conversion rate.

According to the statistics, you can make the choice of the post title easily.


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