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Speed Up & Secure Your WordPress Site With CloudFlare CDN

Speed Up & Secure Your WordPress Site With CloudFlare CDN

Speed and security are two of the most important factors of online websites. As most of the webmasters are struggling on this road, in this article, we have introduced one of the easiest and effective methods to speed up and secure your website by using CloudFalre free CDN service.

CloudFlare is a great CDN provider which protects and accelerates the websites and boosts the performance and security of the online business. Generally, it’s complex and expensive to have a CloudFlare service. But you can have a CloudFlare-powered website easily by choosing the reliable web hosting which is along with CloudFlare service. After reviewed 100+ shared hosting solutions, we recommend the following three hosting providers – which are the top 3 best web hosting providers coming with free CloudFlare CDN service.

What’s CloudFlare?

CloudFlare is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) provider which deploys servers on 23 data centers all over the world. It can gets the static files of your website and keep these files closer to your visitors when sending content directly from your web server. By optimizing the delivery of the web pages, it contributes to the fastest page load times and best performance on your website. As a result, CloudFlare significantly improves your site performance and boost security.

CloudFlare is not only focusing on CDN service, but includes 5 features as CDN, optimizer, security, analytics and apps. Have a quickly look for these features as below.

Feature List
CloudFlare CSN

What Are the Benefits of CloudFlare?

It is always good to have your website powered by CloudFlare. Not only for CloudFalre save bandwidth from your hosting provider, but also your website becomes fast and secure. Mainly, you can experience the following benefits offered by CloudFlare.

benefits list

How to Enable CloudFlare CDN in WordPress

Method One – Enable from Your Control Panel

If your web host is a reliable one with rich features and peak performance, the CloudFlare CDN service is usually included into the hosting packages for free. In this case, you can enable the service simply through your control panel. Here, we take the most popular cPanel as an example.

After logging into your cPanel, you can target the CloudFlare icon under the area of Software and Services. Then, you are required to enter your valid email address to sign up a CloudFlare account.

CloudFlare Icon

Now, you will be redirected to the activation page. Here, you need to find your target website that you are going to enable the CDN function, and click the Edit button before the site address. After that, you can turn the CloudFlare status from the grey color to the orange color. Note that a confirming message will appear at the top of your screen to indicate the successful activation.

Enable CloudFlare

Now, the CloudFlare CDN is activated, and you can modify the settings, check your website reports and enjoy its benefits instantly. Note that your web host will set up your account and update the DNS on behalf of you automatically.

Method Two – Enable the Service Manually

If your web host does not offer this great hosting feature, you can also enable the CDN service manually. Firstly, you need to go to this page to register a new account. Then, you can get started with CloudFlare CDN via four steps.

  • Step One – Add your website for CloudFlare CDN service. This practice may take you a few minutes for website scanning.
  • Step Two – Activate the CDN function for your main domain. You only need to click the CloudFlare status to make it turn orange.
  • Step Three – Select CloudFlare plan. There are four plans available and you can choose the first free plan.
  • Step Four – Update your name servers. Now, you should navigate to your domain management dashboard and replace your current name servers with the new ones offered by CloudFlare.

Now, you only need to wait up to 24 hours for the change to be processed completely. Note that during the switch of name servers, your site can remain available on the internet without any downtime.

Method Three – Enable with the CloudFlare Plugin

CloudFlare has developed a plugin for WordPress users, with which you can activate its CDN service with much ease.

After downloading this plugin and activate it on your dashboard, you can go the Settings tab of WordPress admin and click the CloudFlare button. From this setting page, you only need to enter your domain name, email address and CloudFlare API key, then can have the CDN service enabled. If you do not know what your API key is, you can click the “Get This” button that redirects you to your CloudFlare account to get the related information.

Configure CloudFlare Plugin

CloudFlare API Key

CloudFlare API Key

In addition, do not forget to turn on the functions of Development Mode and HTTPS Protocol Rewriting. The former one allows you to suspend the edge caching and some mini features in three hours. The latter one allows the rewriting of all your links to start with “//” only, fixing the error of Mixed Content Warning from browsers.


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