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How to Use Social Warfare in WordPress for the Better Social Network Promotion

How to Use Social Warfare in WordPress for the Better Social Network Promotion

At present, the display of the social sharing buttons is really important for the success of any website. With these great buttons, you can increase the online sharing rate of your web contents easily so as to get more traffic. As the traffic driving is not an easy task, this method is one of the most effective options with no extra fees needed. In addition, the statistics next to these sharing buttons also can work as the social proof of how popular your content is. In the following, we would like to introduce an easy way to showcase these effective buttons – use Social Warfare in WordPress for the better social network promotion.

The General Review and Introduction of Social Warfare Plugin

The Social Warfare plugin is a lightening WordPress plugin that allows the showcase of the sharing buttons for almost all the popular social media platforms. With it, you do not need to install multiple plugins to add the buttons for different social networking. In addition, this great tool can help you drive much more online traffic by around 300% without slowing down your page loading speed.

Besides the most basic function, this plugin also bear some advanced features that you feel hard to find from some other tools. Here, we have listed the key benefits in the following.

  • In addition to choosing from the top social sharing buttons, you can also decide where you want the buttons to appear.
  • The floating function is supported, so people can see the buttons when they move down the screen.
  • You can proudly show how many times your web contents have been shared online.
  • If you have changed your URLs, there is no need to worry that you will lose your sharing count statistics. This plugin gives you a share count recovery to get your original count back.
  • There is a special service of Content Protection available. With it, you can prevent the content hijackers from placing their information on the top of your words without your permission.
  • Recently, Twitter claims to stop the display of the tweet sharing count. This plugin, however, recovers this function for you.
  • You can even display the most popular posts on your sidebar. The display order is based on the social sharing counts.

Social Warfare Plugin

Make Use of the Social Warfare Plugin in WordPress

The utilization of the Social Warfare plugin is not complicated. After the proper plugin installation, you should click the Social Warfare button to finish the following listed steps.

Social Networks

To begin with, you need to activate the function to display the sharing buttons. For this, you simply need to drag and drop your preferred social networking platforms to the Active part. Note that you can order the buttons as you like.

Activate Social Sharing Buttons

In addition, you can use the visual option settings to customize the general appearance of your buttons. For instance, you can choose the button shape among 6 choices, decide the button size and select the button colors.

Visual Options

Share Counts

This plugin allows you to display the total counts of your social sharing. From this part, you can freely choose whether to showcase the button counts and the total counts.

Share Counts

Position of Share Buttons

You have the full freedom to customize the position of your share buttons for all the post types on your site. These include the Page, Post, Homepage and Archive & Categories. Note that you can showcase the buttons above or below the web content.

For the Page and the Post option, you can even enable the floating feature. This way, people can access to click your sharing buttons no matter when they scroll on your webpage.

Position of Share Buttons

The Overall Styles

After setting up the display of your sharing buttons, now, you can move to the Styles tab to customize some minor aspects.

For instance, you can choose the decimal places from zero to two and the decimal separator between the options of period and comma.

If you have enabled the floating effect for your sharing buttons, you can determine the float position. Here, you can show it at the bottom of the page or the top of the page. Also, you can choose the left side position. If so, you also need to decide the transition options among sliding in, sliding out, fading in or fading out.

Share Buttons Style

Social Identity

It is possible that you want to set the sitewide defaults to your current social identity. If so, you can navigate to the Social Identity part to add the username of your target social platforms.

Social Identity

Social Warfare Widget

In fact, if you save the settings now, your preferred sharing buttons can appear properly on each of your webpage. However, you can also make use of the Social Warfare widget to display the popular posts based on the social sharing count.

With this widget, you can decide how many hot articles can be displayed on the sidebar, which network you are looking to base the content popularity on, whether to show the count and thumbnails, which color scheme to use and many more.

Social Warfare Widget


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