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How to Showcase the Number of Registered Users in WordPress Blogs

How to Showcase the Number of Registered Users in WordPress Blogs

Do you enable the email subscription on your WordPress site? If so, have you ever spared much effort and time to get more subscribers? Frankly speaking, the increase in the subscription rate can be a huge challenge for most webmasters. But this time, we’d like to introduce a new method of displaying the number of registered users in WordPress.

Actually, this kind of showcase can be viewed as the social proof. With the statistics, people are more likely to be convinced and encouraged to register as a user of your site. Especially, if the registration number is large enough, people may have more confidence in the quality of your website and the email messages. In the following, we have introduced two of the easy methods for doing so.

Method 1 – Utilize the Simple Blog Stats Plugin

The Simple Blog Stats plugin is a user-friendly tool that provides a list shortcode to display your website statistics. Among the achieved statistics, you can showcase the number of registered users of your site in your posts and pages.

Find the Target Shortcode

Now, you can hit the Settings > Simple Blog Stats button after the plugin installation. Here, you can find a long list of shortcode that is used to showcase different website statistics. This time, you simply need the seventh shortcode that can display the number of your registered users.

Registration Users Number Shortcode

From the column of Output, you can know the current number of your registered users. In this case, when embedding the shortcode into your posts or pages, the shortcode should be used just like the following.

Simple Blog Stats Shortcode

Here, you need to replace the output number from the above example with your own number. In addition, you can use the [sbs_users] shortcode directly. This way, the plugin will track the registered users automatically and reflect the number accordingly.

Registration Users Number

Method 2 – Utilize the Graphical Statistics Report Plugin

The Graphical Statistics Report plugin allows you to show the website registration using a line chart. With it, you not only can display how many registered users you have at present, but also can showcase the number increasing on the monthly basis.

Note that instead of using the exact number directly, this plugin displays the report or the statistics using the fusion chart. Frankly speaking, the graphical chart can give people a much more emotional, vivid and direct impression of how reliable and worthwhile your site is for registration.

To use it, you do not need to finish any plugin configuration. Instead, you can click the Graphical Statistics button from the Settings tab directly. Here, you can check a lot of fusion charts for the increasing of blog posts, comments, user registration and categories.

Here, you simply need to focus your attention on the third chart that displays the summary of user registration for the last 12 months.

User Registration Summary

Now, you need to showcase this chart manually, for this plugin does not offer the automatic method. Here, we mean you should take a screenshot of the chart, and then, showcase it at anywhere you want within your posts and pages.


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