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How to Show Skype Online Status in WordPress Site

How to Show Skype Online Status in WordPress Site

To achieve a successful online business, you need to pay much attention to offering an instant and prompt customer support that includes the pre-sales inquiry and after-sales service. After all, the effective communication between you and your visitors helps you make more sales easily.

At present, you can find a lot of live chat tools and plugins available in WordPress.org or some third parties, among which Skype is one of the most popular, widely used, and user-friendly one. In the following, we’d like to show you how to use this add-on and how to display a Skype online status in your WordPress website, showing people that you are ready to assist them.

Skype Online Status Plugin

There are a lot of webmasters and e-commerce owners recommend this plugin. Now, it has been downloaded for more than 125,000 times, and has been rated 4.2 out of 5 stars all over the world. To use Skype Online Status plugin, you firstly need to download, install and activate it via your WordPress admin panel.

Skype Online Status

After finishing these tasks in the Plugin section, simply navigate to the Settings section and scroll down to Skype Status to make some configurations.

skype plugin settings

At first, you need to complete the Basic Options.

  • Skype ID – You can enter your desired ID with the keyword that relates to your website, product, service, industry or niche. It is possible to add multiple IDs with the help of semicolons, but we still recommend a separate one unless you have multiple authors contributing to the website improvement.
  • Full Name – The phrase added to this blank space will be used as a link anchor or an image alt, so you need to make the term as relevant to your site as possible. For instance, you can use the site name with a prefixed symbol of @.
  • Theme – Simply click on the drop down menu, and then select a suitable one according your needs and preferences.
  • Function – This part need to match your selection of Theme. For example, if you choose “My Status button (small classic)” for theme, then you need to select “Chat with me” for function; if you choose “Call me balloon style (small, green)” for theme, then you need to select “Call me” for function.

skype basic options

Now, you can preview how the button looks like in the “Preview theme template” box on the right side of the whole screen. If you are satisfied of the final effect, don’t forget to click the Save Changes button.

In terms of the advanced options, you can leave the majority of settings in default, but uncheck the last two boxes that before the options of “Use Download Skype Now link” and “Place the link on a new line”. This is because the two options include affiliate links that may make your readers feel annoyed. Besides, if you don’t choose the calling function, there is no need to select the voicemail feature.

skype advanced option

OK, it’s done. Now, you only need to go to the Widgets section under Appearance section, and click Skype Status as this plugin generates a widget by default. Then, you can drag and drop this widget to anywhere you want within defined widget areas like the right or left sidebar of your webpages.

Neat Skype Status Plugin

If you search for “Skype online status plugin” in Google search engine, then you can find that the Neat Skype Status plugin is placed in second, right below the Skype Online Status plugin. If you are going to use this tool to integrate Skype with your WordPress site, you can follow the steps that are same as Skype Online Status. The only difference lies on the setting options.

neat skype plugin

In addition to the username, click action, and icon theme, you can also choose the update interval and decide whether to add a floating button or not.


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