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How to Show Images From Adobe Lightroom to WordPress Directly

How to Show Images From Adobe Lightroom to WordPress Directly

The Adobe Lightroom is a user-friendly image processor or organizer, with which you can edit, perfect and share your photography anywhere and anytime. It offers all the tools you may need for bringing out the best for each image, so you can get your photos match the scene totally when you take them by punching up the colors, adjusting the atmospheric haze and removing some distracting items.

At present, Adobe Lightroom is a great choice for a large number of WordPress users, especially the gallery owners, for image enhancement. However, some of them complain that uploading the images manually from this tool to their WordPress sites is somewhat time-consuming. In this case, we’d like to give you a convenient try for showing your photos from Adobe Lightroom to WordPress directly. Only one mouse click is required. Check some simple steps in the following.

Step 1 – Install and Configure the Adobe Lightroom on Your PC

To begin with, you should finish the preparatory work by installing the Adobe Lightroom on your local computer. For this, you simply need to download the desktop application of Creative Cloud. After entering it and signing up using your Adobe ID, you can download and install the Lightroom tool from the Apps tab automatically.

Download Lightroom

Here, we need to mention that you should turn on the syncing function for all the files.

Sync Files

Now, as you need to use the Envira Gallery plugin to achieve the direct connection between the Adobe Lightroom and your WordPress site, you should install the Envira Gallery addon. Here, you can enter this page and search for the icon of Envira Gallery add-on. After that, you need to click it for accessing the overview page and pressing the Free button for downloading. Upon the success, you will be responded by a notification that this add-on is already acquired for your Lightroom tool.

Envira Gallery Addon

Now, you should open your Adobe Lightroom, click the File button from the main menu bar and hit the Plug-in Manager from the drop-down list.

LightroomPlug-in Manager

Add the Lightroom Tool

This way, you can open a popup window for the management of Lightroom plugins. Here, you should click the Add button and select the below highlighted file.

envira.lrplugin File

If you fail to find it, you should go to the Download Folder of your local computer that stores the ZIP file of your previously downloaded Envira Gallery add-on. Then, you need to double click this file to extract it. Now, you can see this special file. Personally, we recommend you to copy and paste this file to your Adobe Lightroom folder in case you may delete it accidentally.

Now, after targeting the right file, you should press the Add Plugin button. Once you have found the Envira plugin showcased in the Plug-in Manager window, you can hit the Done button to finish the settings and to close the small window.

Lightroom Done Button

Now, you can navigate to the Publish Services area of your Adobe Lightroom tool, which shows all the services and platforms that are associated with your Lightroom. Now, the Envira icon should be displayed in this list.

Adobe Lightroom Publish Services

Step 2 – Install and Set Up the Envira Gallery Plugin on Your Site

As your Adobe Lightroom is configured properly, now, you need to focus on your WordPress site. For this, you should install the Envira Gallery plugin on your site. After that, you can find a new tab named as Envira Gallery in your WordPress admin. Simply click it for entering the settings page. Here, you should enter your Envira License key for account verification.

After that, you need to click the Addons tab and search for the Lightroom Addon. Then, click the Install button.

Now, you should refresh this settings page, after which a new tab that is named as Lightroom will appear. From this part, you can choose a WordPress user that can create and manage your Lightroom images on the WordPress site. Personally, you’d better choose you as the WordPress User. If not, you need to ensure that the user has the capabilities to create, edit and delete the Envira Galleries and all the items in your Media Library.

In addition, you should generate the exclusive access token for your selected user and paste the new token into the blank space of Access Token. Note that this token will be used by the Lightroom tool for connecting to your WordPress site.

Access Token

Remember to click the Save button as all the settings are configured properly.

Step 3 – Connect Adobe Lightroom to WordPress via Envira Gallery

Now, all the preparatory works are done, and you can start connecting the Adobe Lightroom tool to your WordPress site.

To do this, you firstly need to open your Adobe Lightroom tool and check the Publish Services area. After targeting the Envira option from the list, you should click the Set Up button next to the icon.

Lightroom Set Up Button

This way, you can bring up the Publish Services Manager window, from which you should finish the below settings.

Firstly, you need to enter the description of this publish service. Personally, you can get it as the default of Envira. Then, you should finish the WordPress authentication. Here, you need to offer your website URL and the access token you have generated in the previous step. Do not forget to click the Authenticate button.

WordPress Authenticate

After checking the successful authentication message, you can click the Save button to close this window. Now, you have tightly connected this Lightroom tool to your website.

Step 4 – Publish Images from Adobe Lightroom to WordPress Site

Now, you can feel easy to share and publish your photos from Adobe Lightroom to your WordPress site directly. To do this, you simply need to navigate to the Envira publishing service from the Adobe Lightroom to create the publishing collection.

Create Publishing Collection

After that, you can be presented with the popup window for giving the name of your collection. Here, we have to mention that the collection name will be the title of your WordPress photo gallery, so you’d better think twice before entering some words.

Note that this tool allows you to generate as many collections as you want, each of which will become a unique and separate gallery on your WordPress site. In addition, you can choose one of them as your target option by default.

Collection Name

After clicking the Create button, this empty collection will in the drop-down list below the Envira icon. Here, you simply need to drag and drop your perfect images from the Lightroom library to this new collection. If you do not feel satisfied with some of these images, you can remove them from the list and make some changes.

After that, you simply need to click the Publish button. Then, these images will be uploaded to your WordPress site directly in the Envira gallery. If you continue clicking the Publish button after modifying your collection, the WordPress gallery will be updated accordingly.

Lightroom Publish Button

Now, you can go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the Envira gallery. You can find that your Lightroom collection is still in the draft format. In this case, you can check it one more time to ensure that nothing goes wrong. After that, you simply need to publish this gallery and see your enhanced images in the website front-end.


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