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What is Shared Web Hosting?

What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared web hosting, also named shared hosting and web hosting, means more than one website is hosted on the same server and share all the resources together, just like many people live in the same room altogether. Thus, all people share the expense together that makes this type of hosting service the cheapest in the industry. There are several concepts related to shared web hosting, and we list them out in below.

resourceResource – You may wonder that with a shared web hosting service, whether you can get enough resource as so many websites work on the same server. In fact, this depends on how many websites are hosted on the server and how many resources do they utilize. If the web host is reliable that does not oversell the server resource, of course, you can get enough supply to run a website well.

Oversell – Oversell means a hosting provider allows too many websites on one server, which can overuse the server resource. As a result, all the websites become slow. Fortunately, good hosting companies take measures to prevent this to happen at the very first time.

Application – As there are no allocated resources for you, running big website is difficult with such kind a service. Besides, responsible hosting providers won’t let you take much resource. Thus, shared web hosting is only suitable for small business sites, personal sites, as well as medium business site with little traffic and space requirements. However, with the increasing of business, you can leverage your shared plan to a VPS hosting that comes with fixed resources and higher security level.

Recommended Shared Web Hosts

According to our editors’ experience and real customers’ voice in the communities, we recommend the top 3 providers as following,


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