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How to Easily Share Private Posts in WordPress with Certain User Groups

How to Easily Share Private Posts in WordPress with Certain User Groups

As a widely-used open source site building platform, WordPress comes with some basic visibility options to make your posts private. It is also possible to make your whole WordPress site private.

However, there is a problem that you may encounter when you want to share private posts with your friends or colleagues. That is, these private posts are only accessible to logged in users with the “Editor” or “Administrator” level of user roles.

To help readers share their private posts with certain user groups in a fast and convenient manner, we are going to introduce a new method of granting specific user groups with read-only permissions of these private posts. In this beginners’ guide, we utilize an amazing plugin – WP JV Post Reading Groups to perform the following steps.

Step 1: Initialize WP JV Post Reading Groups Plugin

In the very beginning, you should install the plugin, which is the same process as detailed in this WordPress plugin installation tutorial. After activating this plugin, you can find it in the “Installed Plugins” section, where you can deactivate and edit it.

Plugin Installation

Step 2: Create Reading Groups

After finishing the activation process, the next thing is create your reading groups. Simply go to “Settings” > “Reading”. On the bottom of this page, you can find the “WP JV Post Reading Groups” section, where you have full control on the number of reading groups that you want to build.

First of all, name a reading group as anything you prefer, for example, “Friends”, “Family Members”, and “Colleagues”. Then, click the “Add New Reading Group” to get it in action. Repeat this operation if you want to add multiple groups. In the final, remember to save all your changes.

Create Reading Groups

Step 3: Assign Reading Groups to Users

After creating the reading groups, it is high time to decide the members of each group. Go to “Users” on the sidebar menu and click the “Edit” button under the name of the user. Then you will jump to another new page, where various user editing options are available. On the bottom of this page, you can assign the user to a reading group by clicking the checkbox that is showed as below.

Assign Reading Groups to Users

When assigning certain reading groups to users, there are some additional considerations that you should pay attention to.

  • When you are selecting the users, remember not to choose the “Admin”. After all, the administrator has permission to access all posts on your WordPress site.
  • Besides assigning reading groups to those existing users, you can add new users and perform this operation on the “Add New User” page.
  • If you want to assign a user to multiple reading groups, simply click all the checkboxes next to those groups that you desire to add the user in.
  • After assigning the reading groups to users, remember to update the user information.

Step 4: Assign Reading Groups to Posts

Up to now, you have created your reading groups and assigned users to them. Here is the final step, that is, assigning these reading groups to your private posts.

Go to “Posts” on the sidebar menu of your dashboard. In the next, you can choose an existing post to edit or simply create a new one. On the post editing page, you can see plugin’s meta box on the top of the right sidebar. Then, you can share this post with the target group(es) by hitting corresponding checkbox(es).

Assign Reading Groups to Posts

There also remains an important notice for you, that is, remember to ensure the post you are editing is published privately. If so, the “Visibility” status of the post will be “Private”. If not, click the “Edit” button, choose “Private”, and then click the “Ok” button to enable this change.

Change Visibility

After finishing the above steps, you can easily share all kinds of posts with your friends, workmates, and other groups of people in a private manner.


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