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How to Set Up Facebook Comments Plugin in WordPress

How to Set Up Facebook Comments Plugin in WordPress

Social networking is the new favorite of most webmasters used for boosting website traffic. On the basis of numerous comments, you are able to know the preference of people and then cater to their pleasure. Frankly, it is a great platform to interact with your visitors.

To guarantee a perfect integration with various social networks, like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, WordPress enables a large number of plugins in the market, among which the Facebook Comments plugin is selected in this guide on how to manage comments by using Facebook Comments plugin.

This guide is designed for readers who wish to integrate their sites with Facebook and enable the Facebook comments to display on web pages. First of all, you should make sure that you have signed up a Facebook account.

About Facebook Comments Plugin

Facebook Comments is a rich-featured WordPress plugin designed for Facebook comments management and customization. Besides, it has the ability to make the annoying Facebook comments setup hassle-free so as to easily integrate with all posts, pages or some other content types on your WordPress website. In the following guide, we would like to tell you how to make full use of this powerful plugin.

Plugin URL: https://wordpress.org/plugins/facebook-comments-plugin

facebook comments plugin

How to Set Up Facebook Comments Plugin?

Before everything, you are required to find out this plugin from WordPress.org or do it via your WordPress dashboard. Here, we opt for the second method. Log into WordPress dashboard with your account and then enter Plugins > Add New to search Facebook Comments released by Alex Moss. Click Install Now. Once accomplishing the installation, you need to activate this plugin.

install facebook comments plugin

Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins > Facebook Comments Settings. Here, you are required to enter Facebook App ID to make this plugin work properly. And now, let’s move on to the following steps to obtain an App ID.

setup facebook comments

Firstly, access to Facebook Developers page and then click Apps > Register as a Developer. Re-enter your password when prompted. Click Submit and then follow the directions step by step.

setup facebook comments

Click Apps > Add a New App. And then, you are required to select a platform to get started. Here, we pitch on Facebook Canvas.

setup facebook comments

Click Skip and Create App ID button and you will be in the face of a popup called Create a new App ID. You should enter the name of your app that will be displayed and select one of the most suitable categories from the drop-down. Click Create App ID.

setup facebook comments

You are now getting the App ID and App Secret. Click Show button to display your App password and then note it down.

setup facebook comments

Click + Add Platform and choose Website. And then, the Website box comes out here, and it requires you to enter the site URL and mobile site URL. Enter your website URL to be associated in the two blanks. Click Save Changes.

setup facebook comments

And now, let’s go back to WordPress Dashboard. Click Settings > Facebook Comments and copy and paste your App ID into the APP ID field.

setup facebook comments

And then, you are required to customize the following settings.

setup facebook comments


This is where to manage moderators. You are allowed to determine whether to view moderator status and whether to see all comments by clicking the given link. Besides, you can appoint some of admins to moderate comments.

Main Settings

This is where to enable or disable some primary settings, including Enable FBML, Use Facebook NameServer, Use Open Graph NameServer, Use HTML5 and Credit. Check the options if they are in demand.

Display Settings

This option enables you to determine where to showcase the Facebook comments box on your website. You are allowed to integrate the comment box with posts, pages and homepage. Besides, there are multiple languages available for you while the default one is English.

The Color Scheme includes Light option and Dark option, and it decides the tone of the comments. The rest of settings enable the customization for number of comments, comment box width, comment title and comment text.

Finally, click Save Changes to confirm all settings. The Facebook comments box will be shown as the following screenshot.

setup facebook comments

What’s more, the Facebook Comments Plugin enables to users add a comments box to a certain page or post by using shortcode fbcomments. Besides, more shortcodes are shown below the settings, which can be used to customize Facebook comments. Make a study of the following shortcodes to learn how to customize your Facebook comments in a proper way.

setup facebook comments

For instance, the first example of using the shortcode indicates that the width of Facebook comments box is 375, the countstyle is “wonderful comments!”, and the comment count is off state.

More Recommendations for You

WordPress has developed a large number of comment plugins for Facebook as well as some other social networks, like Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, and so on. For example, the Facebook plugin is a great tool to enable Facebook on your website and also allows the showcase of Like button, Send button, Follow button and comments box. Besides, Jetpack enables social networking comment system and makes the comment management much easier.


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