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How to Send WordPress Notification When Visitors' Comments are Approved

How to Send WordPress Notification When Visitors’ Comments are Approved

It is important to notify your visitors of the status of their comments. The discussions on a blog get better when visitors have the information on when their comments have been published and when new comments have been posted. It is for this reason that bloggers strive to notify their readers when the comments are approved to enable them follow up the discussion and make it more wholesome.

It is easy to notify your readers when you have approved their comments. Mostly it works if your readers have registered on the site and you can contact them through email. The methods that people use differ, and thus as a blogger, you should check out the methods that work best for your site. Send WordPress notifications for comments to your readers today can see the difference.

Why Should Notify Visitors when Comments are Approved?

reasonNotifying your readers that their comments have been approved gives them motivation to comment more often and contribute to the discussion on the comments. This can have an effect on the site traffic that ups rapidly. It helps you retain the number of readers commenting on your content and makes the discussion every more wholesome.

Always bear in mind that repeated commenting by visitors can up the traffic to your site by making your blog search engine friendly and ranking higher on searching result page.

How Do You Notify the Visitors?

There are a variety of ways through which you can notify your readers that their comments have been approved. However, most people resort to using notification plugins to notify their readers that their comments have been approved. There are many WordPress plugins that can be used. Most of the plugins not only send notifications when comments are approved but also when new comments are posted, when a comment is pending moderation among other notifications.

It takes research from the options to get the best plugin to send WordPress notifications, but one of the most popular options is the Email Alerts WordPress Plugin. It is a great plugin for those who want to better the discussion on their blogs by sending frequent notifications to their commentators.

About Email Alerts Plugin

waysThis plugin is designed with the end-user in mind and gives the admin the simplicity of delegating moderation tasks. It is an easy to use plugin that not only notifies your readers when their comments are accepted but also notifies them when new comments are added, when their comments are pending review, when a post is awaiting review and when a new post is published on the blog. You can also use the plugin to moderate comment words with a view to reducing spam comments.

Installing the Email Alerts Plugin

The plugin can be downloaded on WordPress.org into the local computer. There are a number of versions and thus you should select the one that goes with the version of WordPress you are using.

Once you have downloaded it, it can come as a zipped folder on your computer. You firstly need to unzip the file and then upload it to your WordPress plugin directory. Then, open the Plugin menu on your WordPress administration dashboard and activate the plugin. Now, you have taken the main step in notifying your readers when their comments are approved.

What are the Results?

The notification box of this plugin can be previewed on the comments section. Your visitors are allowed to select the notifications they get. On the comment section, they only need to enter their details before they can post some words for your posts. Then, they can be presented with a window from where they can check on the notifications they want to receive. For instance, they can choose to know whether the comments are held for moderation and whether are accepted and published online.


Other Plugins You Can Use

You can choose from a list of other plugins to use to send WordPress notifications to your readers when their comments are approved or held. These include Subscribe to Comments Plugin, Comment Notifier, Comment Plus Plugin, cbNET Multi Author Plugin among many more.

Send Emails Manually

installationFor blogs that have fewer visitors and gets no more than 100 comments, bloggers can send an email to their readers once they approve these comments. This is tiresome though but has been very effective for young blogs online. However, as the blog grows, it becomes hectic to send emails automatically to each and every reader.

Explore More Options

There are many options that people use to set email notifications, and thus you should not limit yourself to the above plugins. You should check out other methods to send WordPress notifications to your readers to enhance your relationship with your readers. For instance, you can set normal email notifications from Settings >> Notifications on your WordPress dashboard.


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