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How to Send Email in WordPress Using PHP?

How to Send Email in WordPress Using PHP?

WordPress is the first choice to set up websites and email is the best way to maintain relationship with users and visitors. So many webmaster make use of email to communicate with their visitors and get feedbacks, as a complementary approach for the traditional solutions like adding Facebook share buttons and installing tracking plugins.

emailEmail is very useful because it can not only enhance the relationship between site managers and users but also can help websites promote business – which is called as email marketing. Although there are dozens of email software in the market, sending emails in WordPress using PHP is faster, more accurate, and more convenient.

If you want to do this, several codes can help you achieve it and what you need to do is just copy the code in below, and then make some subtle changes. Simply, WordPress offers wp_mail originallly and understands what you want to do once you copy those codes into that file.

Send Emails in WordPress Using PHP

If you want to do send email in WordPress using PHP, several codes can help you achieve it and what you need to do is just copy the code in below, and then make some subtle changes. Before copy those codes, you need somewhere to place it. Fortunately for us, WordPress offers wp_mail automatically and once you copy those codes in below to that file, WordPress knows what you want to do.

This code is a standard one and the content and there are some fixed things you need to know. When you send emails, just change the content in below to meet your own needs.

  • To – it means to whom you intend to send an email.
  • Subject – this should be the title of the email.
  • Content – this is the central part of an email.

code for single people

Under many circumstances, we need to send emails to more than one people. For example, you offer a significant discount of your new product and want to let all your potential customers know it. Thus, you need to send an email to every one of them with the same content. If you do this one by one, that is a big task that can waste a lot of time. But don’t worry; you can set multiple recipients with the following codes.

code with multiple people

Apart from those basic functions, we offer codes in below, with which you can change the header of an email. This is very useful when you want to get a reply. For example, the default header is From, and you can change it to Reply-To.

code to change header


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