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How to Schedule WordPress Posts for Future Publishing?

How to Schedule WordPress Posts for Future Publishing?

Schedule WordPress PostsWordPress is an amazing blogging platform that allows users to schedule posts automatically to publish in the future. In this case, bloggers don’t need to be online every day and publish posts on the fixed time. By pre-scheduling the posts for future publishing, they can flexible arrange their activities and do anything they want.

Briefly, WordPress scheduled post greatly helps users who cannot be regular on the Internet and publish articles on time every day. For example, you are going out for some days but don’t want to give up the blog, or just you are confusing to publish posts on several blogs. In addition, as every site has a certain time to get the peak of visitors, you can schedule your posts to be published based on the time zone of your main visitors.

To help readers experience this beneficial feature, today we are going to introduce the easy methods to schedule WordPress posts for future publishing.

Schedule WordPress Posts By Hand

Scheduling posts on WordPress is quite easy. You can log into your Dashboard, go to Posts to edit a draft or create a new post. No matter what way you are going to do, you can find the Publish module like the below screenshot.

publish module

Above the Publish button, you can see a blue Edit link next to Publish immediately. Click on the link and you can see a Time Selector appeared, allowing you to set the publish time.

time selector

You can simply configure the data and time when you want the post to be published. Only note that you should use the 24-hour clock if you want to schedule a post on the PM. For instance, the 3:00 PM should be set as 15:00 in the Time Selector. As well, the time is completed based on your location settings, which you can configure on the General Settings.

Once configured the publishing time, you need to click on OK button to save changes. And then, it changes as Schedule for: instead of the regular Publish immediately, and the blue button also changes from Publish to Schedule.

schedule post

Click on Schedule button and you have scheduled the post successfully.

Schedule WordPress Posts with Plugins

WordPress Scheduling PluginsIn addition to do anything by hand, you can take use of powerful WordPress plugins to handle the process. To maintain the website management, WordPress comes with a wide set of helpful plugins, such as backup plugins, cache plugins, social sharing plugins, and so on. Without any doubts, there are many scheduling plugins available to set WordPress scheduled posts.

  • Post Expirator: It is an awesome plugin that enables users to add an expiration date for posts and pages. It allows users to control whether the post is either deleted or changed to draft status. Besides, you can set the post categories change at expiration time.
  • Auto Schedule Posts: This plugin allows you to separate writing schedule from publishing schedule. So you can flexibly arrange the proper publication time.
  • WP Scheduled Posts: It is a useful plugin for WordPress schedule post. It adds a widget in your dashboard and admin bar to display full of future scheduled posts. In this case, it is quite helpful for blogs with multi-authors.
  • Bump the Schedule: This is an effective WordPress plugin that lets users bump the dates of posts that are ready to be published in the future.


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