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How to Schedule Tweets for Sharing WordPress Blog Posts

How to Schedule Tweets for Sharing WordPress Blog Posts

With the essence of social media increasing every day, millions of webmasters opt for social network marketing to increase the traffic of their websites, among which the Twitter platform is the most-widely used one. In this case, we’d like to discuss one of the most powerful applications for sharing posts on Twitter – BufferApp, followed by how to schedule tweets and some alternative apps.

It’s worth noting that consistency is an important aspect of efficient marketing, so the sharing of blog posts on leading social media like Twitter needs to be ceaseless. For this reason, we highly recommend you to use some apps which are so user-friendly and efficient that the posts can be shared on Twitter automatically after you schedule them in a few clicks. Due to this reason, you’d better read this article carefully to learn how to schedule tweets for the automatic content display.


Regarded as one of the best applications for sharing posts, BufferApp is a tool that schedules your posts to be shared on popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It is a one-stop, web-based destination featuring a user-friendly dashboard. Being a powerful tool, it enables you to add multiple members to your BufferApp account so that the sharing task can be handled efficiently.

If you are planning to use the BufferApp for keeping up with your social media marketing campaign by scheduling your tweets, you need to undergo the following steps.

Setting up an account on Buffer

Before anything else, you should navigate to the official website of Buffer and register your presence by creating an account. Signing up on the BufferApp is quite easy, as you can follow any one of the two methods. First, you can use the traditional technique of signing up manually by entering the email account and other information required for the sign up page.

Sign Up Buffer

Alternatively, you may use the modern method by using your social network account. You save a couple of minutes by following this process as all the required information are accessed automatically by linking your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account.

Once you complete signing up, you are directed to the dashboard of Buffer. Before proceeding further, you need to configure your WordPress site.

Preparing your WordPress site

In order to access Buffer for scheduling tweets, it is important to install a Buffer plugin for WordPress. Here, we highly recommend WP to Buffer plugin. You can install this WordPress plugin by downloading the file, uploading it to your WordPress and activating through the admin.

Upon the activation, you have to dig into your WordPress Settings menu and find Buffer. Here, a personalized Buffer app is to be created by using the plugin. Thus, you should find the link presented in the app and copy the callback URL that you will need shortly.

After copying the link, you should select the Registering an Application link, redirecting you to a page that requires you to fill up several boxes with appropriate information about your website. To be precise, you should enter your website’s title and description in the name and description box. The callback URL you have copied earlier should be inserted into the Callback URL box. Once you fill up the mandatory boxes, click on Create Application button to proceed further.

Create Buffer App

Now, you will receive a link that redirects you to the official site of Buffer. Here, you will get the Clint ID and Access Token of your newly created Buffer account. Then, you need to back to the setting page of WP to Buffer and insert the received information for Buffer authentication. Successful completion of verification ensures that your WordPress site is linked to the BufferApp.

Buffer Authentication

Scheduling Tweets using Buffer

After completing all the above steps, it’s time to learn how to schedule tweets through the BufferApp. You can configure the schedule by navigating to the WP to Buffer setting page on your WordPress site. Here, you should choose the Posts tab and check the “On Publish” and “On Update” boxes.

Now, dig into the Scheduling option presented in your BufferApp dashboard. You can now configure the timezone for the exact time when you would like to tweet your site’s posts.

This marks the completion of configuration, and Buffer will now share your posts as tweets at the scheduled time.

Alternative Options

Apart from Buffer, there are several other options that facilitate scheduling the tweets for your blog posts.


HootsuiteHootsuite is a web-based platform that enhances the flow of traffic to your website by managing your social media accounts efficiently. You can connect a maximum of 100 social accounts, 10 analytics reports and team members in the 30-days trial version of the service. The Enterprise version of the service removes the limitations, and you can link unlimited profiles and members.


SocialOomphSocialOomph is a powerful service that improves the productivity of your social media. Using this platform, you can keep up with your social media updates as well as blog posts effectively. In addition to the basic scheduling of tweets, you get an option to schedule updates of posts and pages on your WordPress site. However, this option is presented in the Premium version of SocialOomph only. Overall, it is an efficient platform to manage social accounts in less time.


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