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How to Roll Back WordPress Plugins and Themes Easily

How to Roll Back WordPress Plugins and Themes Easily

When running a WordPress site, it’s common to download and update plugins and themes in order to get new features and functionality. However, chances are that you may come across those times when a new update incurs something unexpected or breaks your website.

Things can be rather frustrating when that happens. If you’ve already made site backups, you are able to restore the previous version of your website. However, what if you forget to do that? Is there any opportunity to roll back WordPress plugins and themes?

Of course, there is. In this article, we will show you how to do that using the WP Rollback plugin.

About WP Rollback

As its name indicates, WP Rollback plugin makes it possible and simple to rollback a WordPress plugin or theme to any previous version. With it, you are free from any intricate manual operation, like logging into your FTP client, downloading and uploading files.

What you do need to know is that the plugin only works with plugins and themes that are available in the WordPress Directory other than other sources.

Install the WP Rollback Plugin

Login to your WordPress Dashboard and go to Plugin > Add New. Then enter the plugin name in the search box, and you’ll find WP Rollback. All you need to do is to have the plugin installed and activated. You may refer to this plugin installation guide if needed.

Install And Activate WP Rollback

Roll Back WordPress Plugins

Upon activation, navigate to the Plugins page and you will notice that there is a rollback link added below each plugin.

Plugin Pages

If you want to revert a plugin back to its earlier version, click the link. You will be redirected to a page where there is a list of the previous installed versions. Just select the version you would like to roll back to and click the “Rollback” button.

Select Plugin Version

Now, there will appear to be a warning message saying “Are you sure to perform the following rollback?” Actually, its main purpose is to remind you to back up your WordPress files and databases in case there is anything wrong, because it will not be responsible for any issue arising from using this plugin.

Roll Back Plugin Confirmation

To proceed on, click “Rollback”. The WP Rollback plugin will then replace your current version with the selected one. Just click the “Activate Plugin” link.

Activate Update Plugin

That’s it!

Roll Back WordPress Themes

You are allowed to roll back a theme to its previous version, too. To do so, go to Appearance and click “Themes” in the menu list.

Go to Appearance Themes

On the Themes page, click on the theme you would like to roll back to unfold the theme details. You’ll see there is a “Rollback” button on the bottom right (If you cannot find the rollback button, then it’s mostly likely the theme you select is not from WordPress.org.).

Simply click the button and you will see a list of older versions. What follows then will be the same as you deal with a plugin.

In Summary

If there’s something wrong with your WordPress site raised by the new version of a plugin or theme, you can rely on the WP plugin to roll back it to the previous version. It’s easy to handle and does not require any extensive knowledge.

While the plugin enables non-developers to make a quick fix to a website after an update goes wrong, you should use it with caution and always make it a practice to back up your site before making any changes on your site.


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