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How to Use Revisionize to Update Old Posts in WordPress Properly

How to Use Revisionize to Update Old Posts in WordPress Properly

Updating the old blog posts now has become a scheduled task for most webmasters. After all, refreshing your old content can ease your burden of coming out the new posts, update your old words with the latest information and writing trend, correct some outdated or wrong messages, better improve the overall quality of your web content and many others. Due to the great benefits brought by this practice, we’d like to tell you how to update old posts in WordPress properly using the powerful Revisionize plugin in the following.

The Main Issue You May Meet When Updating Old Posts

In fact, WordPress is powerful and user-friendly enough that allows you to edit and to publish your blog posts simply via a few buttons of Update, Save Draft or Publish. Moreover, even if you have already made your posts available online, you can change and re-write the contents at anytime you want.

However, when updating your live blog posts, there is a minor issue. You cannot save your changed or added parts. Instead, you have to finish the update in one time, and then, click the Update button. After that, what you have changed can be alive and visible immediately.

Frankly speaking, this may cause some issues, especially when you are in the following two situations.

  • Your new update needs time to finish. If you cannot save the newly updated information, you have to save the content in somewhere else.
  • If you have multiple authors updating some old posts for your site, their new contents might be unable to go live until you moderate or approve the update.

In the following, we’d like to introduce a proper method for the updating of the old blog posts. With it, you can save your changes before making them available online and do not affect the current version of your content.

Update Old Posts

Use Revisionize to Update Old Posts in WordPress

The easiest way to deal with this issue is to utilize the Revisionize plugin. This special WordPress plugin allows you to save the drafts of your content update without changing your published contents. Once you are satisfied with the updates, you can publish the saved contents manually or use the default scheduling system as you like.

Now, you can go to the Posts or the Pages tab to find the article you are going to update. Here, you can find a new link of Revisionize for each article. You just need to click it.

Revisionize Link

This way, the plugin will clone and copy your original content to a newly added draft. And you can edit and tweak the content as you like. In addition, you can save the changes no matter you want by clicking the Save button. This will not affect your live content.

If you want to publish the updated content, you simply need to click the Publish button. Even, you can schedule the publishing by choosing your wanted date and time.

Save Update

Now, this plugin will replace the original content with the new content version automatically. Note that the version created by this plugin will not be deleted. Instead, it can be saved for the further utilization.


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