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How to Restrict an Author to Specific Categories in WordPress

How to Restrict an Author to Specific Categories in WordPress

In recently days, we have received several readers’ queries about how to restrict an author to certain categories in WordPress. It is true that running a multi-author WordPress website requires the establishment of an effective editorial workflow. That’s why we are delivering this beginners’ guide.

WordPress automatically allows each author to choose any category that is displayed on the post editing page. However, there are many cases that you want to put some limitations on the publishing capabilities of certain users with the “Author” role and enable them to edit or add posts on some specific topics only.

As a matter of fact, there is no complex configuration to turn what you want into reality. To perform this operation, all you need is merely a simple WordPress plugin named Restrict Author Posting. In following sections, we will show you the details about how to restrict an author to specific categories in WordPress.

Step 1: Make Sure You Have Set Up Some Categories

In the very beginning, you have to make sure that you have some categories in action. If yes, please feel free to proceed to the following parts. If not, then you need to add some categories. Both parent and child ones are fine. During this process, you may refer to our tutorial about how to add, change, and delete WordPress categories.

Then let’s suppose that you are running a book website and have set up some categories as below. As shown in the screen capture, you have set a parent category named as “Books” and three child categories, including Drama, Science fiction, and Travel. Then you are able to assign these categories to the certain author(s).

Set Up Categories

Step 2: Initialize the Restrict Author Posting Plugin

Go to “Add New” > “Plugins” on the sidebar of your dashboard, search for the plugin, and click “Install Now”. Then click the “Activate” button under the plugin name to enable it. In case that you may meet some problems during this process, we suggest you read our plugin installation tutorial carefully in advance.

Initialize Plugin

Step 3: Select a Category for the Author

Go to the “Users” page, where you are able to view the list of all users. Then click the “Edit” link under the name of the author that you want to restrict the access to categories.

On the author’s profile screen, scroll down and select one category or multiple categories for him or her. Displayed as below, the latest version of this plugin comes with another function, which makes it also possible to restrict the author to certain media files.

Select A Category

It has to be noted that this plugin does not support assigning categories to multiple authors at one time. As a result, you need to edit those authors you want to restrict one by one. Whenever you are selecting a category for a specific author, remember to hit the “Update User” button to save all the changes that you’ve made.

Therefore, these authors are able to add posts to certain categories that you have set up for them ahead of time only.


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