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How to Reshare Old WordPress Post to Increase Traffic

How to Reshare Old WordPress Post to Increase Traffic

What most bloggers do not understand is that resharing their old posts to their readers is sometimes as good as sharing new content. There is a lot of competition among bloggers online today, and thus a blogger must stay at the forefront of the harsh competition if they have to succeed.

Sharing your old posts with your readers is easy and takes a short time. You can share the content periodically choosing the posts that did not bring a lot of traffic, or those that readers liked more. In general, every great post on your site is worth resharing. Reshare old WordPress post today and see the difference.

What is the Importance of Resharing Old Posts?

reshare old wordpress post importanceThe more content you share on your blog, and the more traffic you can get, resulting a better search engine friendly website. It is a great way to retain your readers and to garner new ones into your blog.

Popular blogs come with contents comprising of how-to and creative writing posts. These are the two common blog types that should always be reshared with their content.

How Do You Reshare old WordPress Post?

A good number of bloggers still do not agree to reshare any of their previous posts with the fear of annoying their readers, and many others who are still shy of the technical world do not know how to reshare their content automatically with the readers.

The most common way of resharing posts among fresh readers is pasting a link of an old post on social media and waiting for readers. Though this is effective to some extent, there is an easier and more effective way to do this.

Using The WordPress Content Resharer Plugin

This is one among the many great plugins on WordPress. It is a comprehensive plugin that allows you to keep the best posts on your blog ticking. It allows you to up your blog following and in turn increase the traffic to your blog.

This plugin can market your blog and make you popular online. It ensures that your older posts are automatically shared on social media and other platforms you select to keep the traffic to your site high.

content resharer plugin

How does the Plugin Work?

This plugin works best for those who have a lot of content on their blog but cannot get the required traffic from them. If you would like your content to automatically appear on Twitter without you having to necessarily paste a link to an old post, then this plugin is for you.

You can set the intervals at which you want the plugin to reshare your content, and this can be done automatically. What you need to do is to link the plugin with your Twitter account, and all will be done.

The Plugin Structure

Account on the plugin means the channel you would like the Content Resharer to use while resharing your blog posts. You can have multiple accounts that are to your advantage as far as traffic to your site is concerned.

Note that the number of accounts you set has a direct effect on the amount of traffic you get to your site. From the account, you can customize the way resharing is done. You need to click “Edit” that is under Account ID and input the settings you like in the following divisions – Account, Content, General and Filters.

use resharer plugin


This refers to a short text that you want to accompany the content that you reshare to your readers on social media.

use resharer plugin

Exclude Posts

These are the posts that you do not want be reshared to your readers for one reason or the other. You should select the posts individually or by categories to remove them from the list of content to be reshared.

use resharer plugin

How to Install the Plugin

After downloading the plugin, adding it to your WordPress site is no special. It is done like for any other plugin. Open your wp-admin and select plugins. Selects Add New-OR-FTP and get the zip file to your WordPress plugins directory. Select the downloaded .zip file from your computer and upload it. After the upload, activate it to get started.

Settings Accounts

Having downloaded and installed the plugin, you now set it to reshare old WordPress post automatically. Open Accounts and customize the details of the posts to be reshared.

use resharer plugin

First connect to your social media site. Activate or inactivate the account, and then set the intervals at which you want your posts to be shared. Select whether you want to reshare the Title of the post or the Excerpt or both of them.

Set the hashtag type that may be From Post, None, First Category, or Specific. Include a link to the post and also images. Use Bitly URL Shortener provided. Set how old the posts to be shared should be between maximum and minimum. Exclude categories where you remove some posts from the list of posts to be shared and then select the specific posts you need to share.


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