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How to Reset Your WordPress to Default?

How to Reset Your WordPress to Default?

reset wordpressYou may need to reset a site to default and start again in some particular cases. For example, to test a variety of plugins and themes, you are required to reset the test environment to default to prevent some compatibility issues. To reset WordPress, some people may simply reinstall WordPress installation, but that’s troublesome and tedious. You can easily achieve this purpose by resetting WordPress to default.

In this tutorial, we introduce you an easy way by utilizing efficient plugins to reset WordPress, helping you quickly nuke your site with a blank slate.

Reinstall WordPress Totally

This is a manual method to reset your WordPress site, which requires you to finish 3 steps in total. Firstly, you should delete all the data and information stored in your MySQL database. For doing so, you can leverage the tool of phpMyAdmin. After entering it using your login information, you can click your current database in the left sidebar, and then, delete all the tables by clicking the Empty or Drop button.

Delete Database in phpMyAdmin

Also, if your web host offers the cPanel control panel, you can enter it and click the MySQL Database icon directly from the Databases section. After that, you can find your current database in the bottom area. Simply click the Delete button.

Delete Database in cPanel

Use WordPress Reset

WordPress reset is a helpful plugin for plugin and theme developer, resetting the WordPress database back to its default settings. It doesn’t modify files but only resets the databases, deleting all customizations and content.

Making use of this plugin, you should first install and activate it. Once done, you can see a new menu bar in the admin sidebar on the left, then go to Tools -> Reset, you can see the screen like the following:

wordpress reset configuration

All you need to do is typing “reset” in the confirmation field to confirm the reset and then click the blue reset button at last. Once reset, all the data about plugins or themes are all wiped from your site, only the “admin” user exists but is recreated with the current password. This plugin itself cannot be automatically reactivated as well, unless you configure the wp-config.php file by hand.

Note that, this plugin is developed for using on test or development installs, not for online sites.

Use WordPress Database Reset

WordPress Database Reset is also a specialized WordPress plugin designed for resetting WordPress databases. It offers an easy and secure method to reinitialize the database back to default, without having to reinstall WordPress core again.

With powerful performance, this plugin is ideal for erasing excess junk in the wp_options table that accumulates over time, and obtaining a fresh install of WordPress database after experimenting with various back-end options.

To utilize it, you need to install and activate the plugin at first. Then, go to Tools -> Database Reset, and you can see the below screenshot.

wordpress database reset configuration

You have the ability to reset a specific table, or just reset the entire database to default settings. Once choosing the table you expect to reset, you need to enter a randomly generated value into the text box, which indicates you truly want to reset database. Then click the Reset Database button, everything is done. If you hope to reactivate current plugins after the reset, you can choose the checkbox below the blue button.

Just be similar to WordPress Reset, this plugins should also be used on test and develop installs, but not for online websites.


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