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How to Easily Remove WordPress Widget Titles?

How to Easily Remove WordPress Widget Titles?

Widgets are commonly used in WordPress websites, for displaying recent posts, featured comments, archives, categories, meta, and so on so forth. They allow users to flexibly control the site layout with conditional showcases, and enable users to add titles for each widget. In general, widget showcases the default title if you don’t do any changes.

However, the problem is that some people don’t want to display widget titles on the site frontend for some specific reasons. As we have heard that many users hope to hide widget titles but are difficult to handle it, we are just going to share an easy method to remove WordPress widget titles. With this method, you can complete the process within few minutes. Additionally, if you prefer to follow video tutorials, just skip to the end of the article.

Remove Widget Title with Plugins

Plugin gives users a very easy way to extend WordPress site functionality, without technical skills or coding stuff required. Of course, you can take use of a functional plugin to remove widget titles easily in WordPress site.

There are many useful WordPress plugins that are helpful for hiding widget titles. Remove Widget Titles is an extremely simple plugin that enables users to remove widget titles with a “!” character. We just take use of it in this tutorial.

  • First of all, you need to install and activate this plugin in your admin panel.
  • Then, go to Appearance -> Widget, open the widget that you want to hide its title.
  • At last, you just need to insert the “!” character at the beginning of its title and click Save button to save changes.

remove widget title with plugin

At present, you successfully remove the widget title. You can check out the result by refreshing your site frontend and see whether there is still a title appeared.

effect image

Remove WordPress Widget Title with CSS Code

Using plugin is truly an easy and simple method to hide widget title. However, too many plugins installed may slow down your site and influence the user experience. In addition to use a plugin, you can also manually remove the widget title with CSS code.

  • Log into WordPress Dashboard, go to Appearance -> Editor.
  • Find the theme function file function.php on the right Templates list, click on to open it and scroll down the screen until you see a piece of code to register sidebars and widgetized areas, looking like this: register_sidebar().
  • Then, find the before_title code line under a few lines, and replace the line with the below code:
  • 'before_title' => '<h2 style="display: none">',
  • At last, click on below blue button to update file and save changes.

The thing doesn’t end. You still need to modify the sidebar.php file. Open it on the Templates list and replace each <h2> code line with the below snippet:

<h2 style="display: none;">.

Video Tutorial

Removing widget titles in WordPress site is quite easy no matter you make use of a plugin or manually handle it by hand. However, if you still confuse with the operation steps, just watch the below video tutorial and follow steps.


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