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How to Remove WordPress Default Admin Permanently

How to Remove WordPress Default Admin Permanently

As a WordPress user, you have to realize the fact that paying attention to the website security is your life-long work. After all, due to the open-source nature, WordPress is at the bottom section when it comes to the security. Especially, this script will give you the default admin username of “admin” after the installation. This can cause the big trouble if you do nothing about it. Due to this, we’ll discuss how to remove WordPress default admin permanently.

Everyone WordPress user knows that “admin” is the default username for the administrative account. This means hackers can access your site back-end only by decoding your password. In this case, you have to change the default username or remove it to create a new one.

In fact, we have already introduced how to change the default admin username previously. You can do this using phpMyadmin easily. And this time, we’d like to introduce an alternative – delete the default WordPress admin and generate a new username for your administrative account.

Step 1 – Backup Your Whole WordPress Site

If your website is a new and pure online platform that has nothing on it, you can pass this step. However, if you have already run your website for a while, you have to backup it before changing anything. This can avoid the valuable and crucial data loss effectively when removing the admin.

Here, you can choose to backup WordPress manually by using the default Export and Import tool. If you feel the manual method is not easy for you, you can also consider some backup plugins. Here, we highly recommend you to use BackWPup to proceed WordPress backup.

Step 2 – Create a New Username

Now, you can use the default admin to access the dashboard of your website. And then, you need to add a new username by clicking the User > Add New button.

Add New User

Here, you can enter the new username and password. Note that they should be random and hard to guess. In addition, the email address should be different to that of your default admin account. As for the first name, last name and the website, you can provide the information optionally.

Step 3 – Assign the New Account as the Administrator

Next, when choosing the user role, you need to pick up the Administrator one. This tells the system that your new account is the administrative one for your whole WordPress site. Also, after deleting the default WordPress admin, this account is the only way for you to access your dashboard.

Upon the creation, you should log out of the admin and log in using this new account. If you succeed, you can go on for the next step.

Step 4 – Remove the Default Admin Account

Now, you can navigate to the Users part and find the “admin” username. After putting your mouse on it, you can click the Delete button.

Delete Username

Before confirming the deletion, you should attribute all the current posts and links to your new admin account. This will transfer all your web content to the new admin. Especially, if you have showcased something, this step is important.

Transfer Account


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