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How To Remove Indexed URLs from Google?

How To Remove Indexed URLs from Google?

remove indexed urlWhen you remove an indexed page from the web, it may still show up in the custom search results, which results in visitors going to a non-existed page and decreases the user experience on your site. In this case, you are necessary to remove URL from search engines like Google so that it can drop out the page of the index as soon as possible.

This tutorial introduces the detailed steps to remove URLs from Google, designed for helping readers speed up the removal process quickly. Note that we utilize Google Webmaster Tools to complete this process.

If still don’t have a Google Webmaster Tools account already, you can sign up an account on Google, and add your website into the account. Then, you should verify your site ownership. You can use the recommended method by copying the meta tag code and pasting it into your site’s homepage.

verify site in Google Webmaster Tools

Once verified, you can log into the Webmaster Tools Dashboard, click on “Google Index” from the left navigation, then you can see 3 options as Index Status, Content Keywords, and Remove URLs.

Before going to the next step, you should clearly know the URL of the page you want to remove. You can also search for site:yourdomain.com in Google to check out the specific URLs which are indexed and which are not. By comprehensively understanding the indexed pages, you can determine to remove which page.

For example, we search for site:whatswp.com in Google and get the following results, and we want to remove The Best WordPress Theme Designers, copy its URL to spare.

determine removal url

Then, back to the Google Webmaster Tools dashboard and click Remove URLs under Google Index. The tool prompts you to use robots.txt to request removal of URLs from Google’s search results.

remove urls

Just click the button to create a new removal request and it will pop up a text box where you can simply enter the URL that you’d like to remove. At last, click the Continue button to go to the next step.

create a new removal request

On the next screen, you can see your URL and another field named as Reason. Here, you are able to choose from 3 options, including:

  • Remove Page from search results and cache
  • Remove page from cache only
  • Remove directory

In this case, you can choose the first option to remove the entire webpage. Then click on Submit Request.

submit request

Now, your request has been submitted to Google and it is pending to solve. Once the URL is completely removed, the status will change into Removed. As well, if there is something wrong with your URL or you don’t want to remove it yet, you can cancel the request by clicking on Cancel button.


Note: Although you have the ability to remove any URLs from Google’s search results, there are some situations that you should not do it. Learn about some detailed cases in the Google guide.


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