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How to Remove Author and Date from WordPress Posts and Pages

How to Remove Author and Date from WordPress Posts and Pages

This tutorial will guide you on how to remove author and date from WordPress posts and pages. At the beginning, however, we would like to show you the reason for removing the information. In this way, you will have a clear idea about whether to keep it or not.

Why Remove Author and Date

In normal conditions, WordPress themes will display the post date and author by default. However, there are some instances where you have the desire to customize it. For example, in order to avoid giving a bad impression that the posts are outdated, it is good for you to remove the old dates if you do not regularly update them.

Having learning the motivation, you may be in want of the specific methods to achieve the goal. It is true that there are multiple ways available for you on the market, but we have selected two free plugins for you due to the ease of use. One is for you to remove the author and date meta, and the other is specifically designed to remove the date information only.

1. WP Meta and Date Remover

The WP Meta and Date Remover plugin is used for removing author and date information from standard WordPress themes. This plugin uses two methods to erase your meta via CSS and PHP. The easiest way to install it is through your WordPress dashboard. You need to go to the Plugins > Add New page, search for “WP Meta and Date Remover” in the WordPress plugin directory, and then click “Install Now” and “Activate”.

WP Meta and Date Remover

On the result screen of settings, you are free to leave the two options checked or unchecked to best meet your requirements: Disable PHP removal and Disable CSS removal. There is a difference between the two methods. PHP can hide the information from search engines while CSS is used to remove meta from your readers. Here, we advise you to select both methods.


2. WP Old Post Date Remover

If you have the intention to keep the author information, it is possible for you to remove date information only with the help of the WP Old Post Date Remover plugin. Though WP Old Post Date Remover cannot hide the date from the back end, it allows you to remove the date stamp from older posts accordingly and leave the date stamp on newer posts.

WP Old Post Date Remover

Since the installation of the WP Meta and Date Remover is also suitable for this plugin, we just skip the same steps and go forward. On the page of settings, you can pick the number of days you would like to show the dates on your posts. In this way, you can inform your readers of your regularity and consistency without worrying about the old dates.

Date Setting

Once you are satisfied with your configuration, you need to click on “Save Change” at the bottom so that the plugin will work as your expectations. Besides the two plugins, you can also try other methods like manually coding to find the best way.


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