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Top Tips to Recover from Google Panda Effect

Top Tips to Recover from Google Panda Effect

Have you suffered a rapid decline of website traffic and cannot figure out what’s wrong with your site? If so, you may get caught up in Google Panda Effect. On September 21, 2014, Google has just released the latest version of Google Panda – Version 4.1, which is an algorism created to lower the rank of sites full of low-quality content.

Since the rollout of this Google update, many webmasters pour out their sufferings that the sites cannot rank well in the Google results page and even get a sharp drop in ranking. They feel anxious because they have no idea about how to escape from this trouble. Focusing on this case, we list some tips to recover from Google Panda effect, which are understandable and easy to handle.

Clean Up the Duplicated Content

clean up duplicate contentIn most cases, when webmasters publish a post that gets a loud buzz among readers, they always write a similar one to get more popularity. It has become the leading cause of duplicated content. As a matter of fact, Google Panda hates the website filled with too much similar content, which is regarded as useless resource and a cheating method to gain traffic.

Since now, you’d better take action to find out all duplicated content according to categories & tags and merge the similar posts into one article. In future, you have to avoid using the parallel topic no matter how popular it is. Before writing a post, you are required to search for the whole site and check if there is an existing one with the similar topic.

Make Sure No Copy Issues

The copy issues are more likely happen in blogs or review sites, which include a ton of articles. If you are running a website alike, you should guarantee the originality of each post. This is because Google includes plagiarism as a criterion to affect the site search ranking.

When writing a post, you cannot take example by other posts for which may lead to copy issues. Instead, we suggest you to search for lots of materials on the Internet and add you own thoughts to the article. In this way, an insightful and unique post is upon you.

Get Rid of Poor Grammar

get rid of poor grammarVisitors always take unkindly to poor grammar, so does Google Panda. Google encourages webmasters to release high-quality posts instead of the ones full of grammar errors. The web page overwhelmed by grammatical mistakes always leaves an unprofessional impression on people and cannot rank high on the search results page.

Once finishing a post, you’d better double-check the word spelling, the use of tense, sentence stricter, agreement of subject & predicate, singular & plural forms, etc. To get the work done as quickly as possible, you can finish the check with the help of some online grammar check tools, such as Grammarly, SpellCheckPlus, Ginger, and so on.

Eliminate Product Placement

Advertising has become an effective method to make money online. However, it is not encouraged by Google. Nowadays, more and more webmasters long for making money in the shortest time, so they allow a large amount of ads on the web pages to get profits from the advertisers. It comes as a direct result of poor web design and bad user experience.

If your website is full of ads and looks disorderly, you have to reduce the number of unnecessary product placement because no visitor has patience to pick out needed information in a mess. Thus, Google Panda regards it as an unfriendly situation for visitors and gives a drop in search ranking for such websites.

eliminate advertising

Improve Page Loading Speed

Google has announced that slow page loading speed is also a cause to the website drop in ranking. Besides, visitors have no patience for a web page that needs to be loaded for dozens of seconds. Accordingly, you have to make sure a fast page loading speed, which is better controlled within less than 2 seconds. You can get the exact statistics by using Pingdom, a great tool for testing site speed.

To speed up the website, we suggest you to go with trust-worthy hosting providers that can guarantee fast speed. In addition, you can achieve that goal by means of WordPress caching plugins, Content Delivery Network (CDN), and some other methods.


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