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How to Recover a Lost Password in WordPress

How to Recover a Lost Password in WordPress

In WordPress, password is a string of characters with which you can gain admission to the backend. But with too many passwords remembered, chances are that you will forget your passwords now and then. Then how to recover a lost password in WordPress is a common question we have received from a great many readers.

In fact, you have no need to worry about the situation where you forget your WordPress password and fail to login to the dashboard. WordPress not only provides you an easy way to recover a lost password but also enables you to reset a WordPress password from phpMyAdmin. In this article, the two methods are explained in detail so that you can better deal with the forgotten password in WordPress.

Recover a Lost Password Using Email

The first thing is to land on your login page, for example, http://www.whatswp.com/login/. Replace the example website address with yours. Below the WordPress login form shows a password reminder “Lost your password?”. The screenshot below clearly points out where the link is.

Recover Lost Password - Lost Password

With a click on that link, you will be redirected to another page where your private information is asked. You have the option to enter your WordPress username or provide your email address.

Recover Lost Password - WordPress Username or Email Address

Here you are required to enter the valid information and click the Get New Password button. And an email will be sent to the email address you use to install or register on the WordPress site. At the same time, on the login screen will show a notification: Check your email for the confirmation link.

Recover Lost Password - Check Your Email

It doesn’t matter if you have not received the email immediately. What you need to do is to wait a few minutes for its coming. There is a great possibility that you encounter the failure to check the email in the inbox. Then another place to find the email is Spam or Junk Mail folder.

Below is a typical example of how the email looks.

Recover Lost Password - Email Location

Going through the confirmation link, you will come back to your WordPress site. By default, there will be a strong password generated by WordPress. Also, you have the freedom to replace the default one with your own password. And WordPress will show you whether the entered password is strong enough or not with the strength indicator.

Recover Lost Password - New Password

The basic requirement is that the password should contain more than 12 characters long. It is advisable to use numbers, upper and lower case letters, and symbols, for example, &. This can make your password stronger to better protect your WordPress account.

The next step is to click on the Reset Password button. Then what comes after saving your changes is a notification of “Your password has been reset. Log in”.

Recover Lost Password - Log In

At this moment, you have recovered a lost password in WordPress via email. With the click on the Log in link, you can use the new password to enter the WordPress backend.

Recover a Lost Password from phpMyAdmin

In the process to reset your password with the first method, you may fall into difficult situations. One is that you have no access to the email address associated with your WordPress account. The other is that WordPress fails to send you an email.

With the consideration of not receiving the confirmation email, we also show how to recover a lost password from phpMyAdmin.

A phpMyAdmin icon should be noticed under the databases section, having logged into your cPanel or other admin panel account.

Recover Lost Password - from phpMyAdmin

After clicking on that icon and being taken to phpMyAdmin, you have the need to select your website database from the listed options on the left.

Recover Lost Password - Select Database

In the database, you should click the table wp_users to browse.

Recover Lost Password - wp_users

As a result, choose the account which you want to reset the password. The edit button is available for you to make changes.

Recover Lost Password - Edit Users

All the user information fields will be learned from the form phpMyAdmin shows. Here you are required to replace the value with a new password in the user_pass field. And before finishing the whole process, choose MD5 from the drop down and press the Go button.

Recover Lost Password - Change Password

The reason to choose MD5 is to achieve a higher level of your website security. The password will be stored as MD5 hash instead of the plain text.

Wrap Up

In fact, the former method is much easier to use than the latter one. Advanced users can reset their WordPress password via phpMyAdmin. In most cases, however, beginners are more advised to recover a lost password via email.


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