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How to Showcase the Random Header Image in WordPress Blog Posts

How to Showcase the Random Header Image in WordPress Blog Posts

The WordPress header image is one of the most critical visual elements for your blog posts. When people land on your pages, the header section will be the first thing that comes into their eyes. In addition, for some business websites, the header area works to define the entire look and the brand image. In this case, you need to select and customize the header image carefully. This time, we are looking to introduce a new trend – the random header image in WordPress blog posts.

By default, your header image will appear at the top of your blog posts and webpages. With the random display, you can change the style and feel of your website easily. This is pretty suitable for those who are looking for the stylish and unique web content display.

In the following, we have introduced two main methods for you to do so.

Option 1 – Install the WP Display Header Plugin

The first recommended method is the utilization of the WP Display Header plugin. With it, you can feel easy to specify the random header image for your pages or posts. Upon the installation, this plugin will add a special meta box in the editing screen of each webpage. You can get the freedom of header selection via this box.

Now, you can open a new post or edit your current article. In the editing screen, you should move down to the Header section.

Header Meta Box

Here, you can find all the header images you have already uploaded to your site. Now, you can hit the Random option to show different header images for different pages. If you want to add more display options, you can use the template customizer to upload some other images. Steps can be found from the second method.

Note that you can also display the random header image based on your categories and tags.

Option 2 – Make Use of the Default WordPress Template Customizer

In fact, there are so many WordPress templates that allow the full customization support for the header image. If your current theme has this special function, you can make use of the theme customizer to display the random image for the header section.

For this, you firstly have to enter the Appearance section from your WordPress admin. After that, you need to click the Customize button to modify the display of your current theme. This way, you can customize a lot of aspects, such as the logo, the background, the widgets, the color scheme and many more. Here, you can focus on your header section by clicking the Header Image button.

Header Image Button

From this page, you can have a look at the current image for your header section. And then, you simply need to click the Add New Image button to upload all the other header images that you want to showcase in a random way.

Now, you can check all the header images you have previously uploaded. And all you need to do is to click the Randomize button.

Randomize Header Images

After saving the changes, you can check your website to figure out whether all your uploaded images can be showcased in the header section randomly.


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