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How to Quickly Switch Between User Accounts in WordPress

How to Quickly Switch Between User Accounts in WordPress

This article answers “How to quickly switch between WordPress user accounts?” in a detailed manner.

Just like many other website owners, you are likely to make management through an administrator account which has a full control over every aspect of your WordPress site. During the process to manage your WordPress site, there must be the need to see the new functionality from different user roles.

It is a fact that user accounts can be switched at any time through the manual efforts. However, constantly switching back and forth between user accounts can be quite troublesome and time-consuming. A much more efficient way to switch between WordPress user accounts is available in this article.

Why Need to Switch between WordPress User Accounts

WordPress has a built-in feature which allows you to create new user accounts. This can be down from an administrator account where you run a WordPress website. Each user will perform their own tasks according to the permissions assigned from the top role in the WordPress hierarchy.

In some cases, you have the need to jump between different user roles. It isn’t a privacy violation to switch between WordPress users accounts. Of course, there are more than one reason for the intention to switch user accounts. However, most of the reasons fall into the same two categories.

Test new features

There are exclusive features inside some themes and plugins for specific user roles. Therefore, what you see from an administrator account will probably be different from what users see from their accounts with different permissions. Switching between user accounts can test the normal function of new features. Most often, WordPress online stores and membership websites have more needs for the switching.

Troubleshoot errors

It is acknowledged that WordPress is one of the most powerful platforms in the world. But WordPress cannot be perfect in every aspect. For example, installing too many plugins may expose your WordPress website to some bugs.

Chances are that no errors can be noticed from an administration account. However, things are different from users’ point of view. Therefore, switching between user accounts is a necessity for the reason to troubleshoot errors.

Introduction to User Switching

Through the manual method for checking, you are required to log into new user accounts with their own credentials. The process which needs some time and energy can bother you a lot. In fact, the instant switching can be possible without shifting back and forth between user accounts. The truth is that an exclusive plugin can rescue you from the bothered process.

User Switching is the most recommended plugin to use, which enables the direct switching from your WordPress dashboard with the press of a button. Multiple login details are not required for the process. It is ONLY administrators that have the ability to switching between user accounts. But there is still no way for you to change any personal information. For example, their passwords are even invisible to users with an administrator user role.

User Switching is 100% free, which adds no burden to your budget. That is, this plugin will live up to your expectation for switching between user accounts without any charges.

Step 1: Install User Switching Plugin in WordPress

The first step is to install and activate the plugin on your WordPress website through the Plugins > Add New page. More detailed steps on how to install a plugin can be learned from this post.

Switch Between WordPress User Accounts - Install Plugin

Once installed and activated, the plugin will come in handy without further configurations.

Step 2: Go To Your Users Menu and Switch Users

In your WordPress dashboard will be a new tab named Users. Each user account under the Users > All Users menu come with a Switch To option. With a press of the button, you will switch to that user role. From the front-end and the backend, you can check how your WordPress website looks to that user. You seem to log out of your account, which is opposite to the fact.

Switch Between WordPress User Accounts - Switch To

Step 3: Return to Your Actual Account

In fact, the plugin provides you an easy way to return to your admin account. In the backend of your WordPress website always lies a link named Switch back to… With a click on that, switching back to your actual account can be true.

Switch Between WordPress User Accounts - Backend

Returning to your actual account from the backend is different from that from the front-end. With the use of admin bar on the front-end, you can also back to your admin account.

Switch Between WordPress User Accounts - Front-End

Wrap Up

Indeed, one of the easiest routes is to rely on User Switching plugin. From different users’ perspectives, you are able to see how different content is displayed and how users experience your WordPress website. Only in this way can you deliver a great experience to all the users. You should work together with your users to grow your WordPress website.


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