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How to Protect Domain Name for Your WordPress Blog

How to Protect Domain Name for Your WordPress Blog

Recently, one of our readers sent an email telling us that his website has been stolen. His ownership of the domain has been completely taken away. This, he cannot reach his site via the domain name he has registered for a long time. To be honest, once this happens, you can do nothing about it. After all, you are no longer the administrative contact of your domain, so there is no chance for you to recapture the ownership. This example simply tells you the importance of domain name protection. In this case, we decide to come out this post carefully concerning about how to protect domain name for your WordPress blog.

Frankly speaking, the loss of domain is really frustrating, especially when you have spent a large sum of money, energy and time in building up the domain trust and popularity. Your loyal readers are unable to find you via the domain they are familiar with. And also, you are very likely to spend at least the same amount of money, energy and time to build an online reputation on a new domain.

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Choose a Reliable Domain Registrar

A domain registrar is a third party that can sell the ownership of a domain name to you legally. You need to choose a reliable and trustworthy provider that prices the domain in an affordable way. And also, the provider does not bury some unfair things in Terms and Services.

In fact, there are a lot of amazing registrars available on the web. These providers all offer you the services about domain name protection, helping you retain the registration and ownership easily. For instance, some of them provide the private registration to keep your contact information confidential, and others guarantee the regular domain report that allows you to keep in touch with and keep an eye on your domain name information.

Pay Attention to Domain Expiration

ExpirationYou need to remember the expiration date of your domain name, and renew the fees in time. Otherwise, your domain might be taken by another domain speculator. Many domain providers choose to take the domain back and sell it to another webmaster if they fail to receive your renewal fees. To avoid this, you’d better spot the special date in your calendar and pay the fees timely.

Keep Contact Information Correct, Updated and Safely

The contact information for domain registration, especially your email address, can be regarded as one of the most important channels to help you keep track of your domain. This is because no matter what actions happen on your domain, you can receive a notification message via email for authentication. This means if there are someone else intends to steal or transfer your domain, you can get notified at once. Therefore, you’d better keep your contact information up to date and accessible, making sure that you can get the message successfully.

Contact Information

In addition, you need to make your email address safe and secure to avoid email stealing. Generally, free email accounts can only guarantee a low security level and are easy to be hacked. Thus, you’d better choose some paid ones coming with a complex safeguarding system. In addition, we highly suggest you to come out random and complicated password, and change it frequently. This can be done easily with the help of some password generators.

Resort to Domain Privacy

Domain privacy is a service offered by domain registrar to keep your registration information secret. By default, your personal information including name, email address, geographic location, and phone number is stored in a public database named as WHOIS database. This publication gives malicious stealers great chances to access your contact information and move your domain name away. With this service, however, all the sensitive information can be replaced with the information of the domain registrar, leaving no opportunities for others to check your information.

Monitor the Domain Regularly

MonitorTo prevent domain theft, you need to be alert all the times. For instance, you can log into your domain account to figure out whether there is something abnormal and whether your contact information is correct. Also, you can keep you email logged at all days, thus you can get notified immediately if your domain settings have been changed.

Lock the Domain Name

To avoid domain hijacking and unauthorized transfer, you can also lock your domain to prevent it from being moved, changed, and deleted. The domain locking service can be offered by loads of registrars, so you’d better figure out whether your selected provider allows this service. In addition, as the registrar lock may cause difficulties when you want to move to a new domain, we highly suggest you to choose a registrar that allows you to disable this service at any time you want.

Be Vigilant

If you host a large website that has a lot of authors contributing to the proper running of the site, you need to remember that never give them any access to your domain account. After all, you cannot ensure that they can work for you permanently with the ultimate loyalty. In addition, always bear in mind that the registration information can only be yours, and can only be known by you.


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