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How to Properly Ask for WordPress Support?

How to Properly Ask for WordPress Support?

Having any problems with your WordPress? Just feel free to ask for WordPress support. As there are countless of fans devoted to providing stylish themes, powerful plugins, effective supports, etc, you are able to get effective helps from experienced users, designers, developers, and experts.

WordPress.org support forums is one of the most important places to get helps. However, not all the questions can get efficient solutions. Only with a respectful manner and detailed description of the problem, you can get a helpful response from experts, theme designers or plugin developers. In the following, we just list out some important tips to help readers properly ask for WordPress support and get helps.

Try the Best to Solve Your Problems

solve wordpress problemBefore asking for support from others, you should understand that WordPress is free, and the same with the most of themes and plugins. So no one is obligated to help you, and you need to try your best to solve problems at first.

You need to try all possible methods to solve problems, and using Google is always a great way to search for resolutions. There are always methods and guidelines for many common asked questions. Even if there is no resolution available, you can have a better understanding about the issue, which help increase the clarity of communication with the developer about the problem.

If having questions about a free plugin or theme, you can find answers in FAQs or forums. For example, if there are some problems with the famous WordPress theme Twenty Thirteen, then you can find the support forum by going to the specific theme page, click the Support tab and you will be linked to the support page. With hundreds of topics and replies, you can always get a useful answer.

find support on theme page

In a Polite Manner

If trying all the possible ways but still keeping the question unresolved, now it’s time to get an answer from the experts. You can ask questions in the support forum, leave messages for the developer or send him/her an email. No matter what method you are using, it’s necessary to be in a polite manner.

After all, individual developers and designers are always not part of the official WordPress core team, and they offer most of the free plugins & theme for their own use or clients. Even though most of the developers are friendly with helping with a few small things, the more respectful and thankful that you are, the more inclined they can help you out for problems or no charge.

Sometimes you are not able to get a response, don’t be angry. Maybe they are busy with their works or something others. You can just find another way.

Describe Problems Clearly and Exactly

When creating the support thread, you can describe problems as clear as possible. A wrong example is:

Hey ABC, I use your XYZ plugin and it doesn’t work. Don’t create it if you cannot ensure the performance. I wasted S hours on this stupid thing. Care to help?

If you write in an accused tone like this, you would never get a response from the developer. By contrast, you can describe your questions in detail in a polite manner, just like the following:

Thank you for creating your amazing XYZ plugin. For some reason, I’m can’t get it to work right, and I would really appreciate if you can help me with it. I’m using WordPress version:

Plugin Name version:
I did this:
I expected the plugin to do this:
Instead it did this: (Include any error messages here) I have tried the following solutions:
I tried the issue in the following browsers:
Thank you for taking your time out to help. I really appreciate it.

In this way, you are addressing all the possible things a developer would need to answer the question. Sometimes, they may ask to see your site or the list of plugins you have activated.

After creating the support thread, you can always nicely reach out the developer on Twitter or Facebook which help you get a fast response. For example,

Hey, @DevelperName, I am having an issue with PluginName. Would appreciate if you can help: Link to support thread.

However, do not call them or contact them through all channels even if you know their phone numbers. After all, you should leave them some private time.

By the way, while I’m writing this section, I referenced a similar post at WPBeginner – which is also a very good WordPress resource site.

Ask Question for Commercial Plugins & Themes

When using a commercial plugin or theme, it is always recommended getting help from the appropriate channels. Most commercial products like Elegant Themes, ThemeForest, WPNow Themes, etc. come with designated support channels. Asking question elsewhere would not get you much help.

For example, if you have a question with The Restaurant theme, you can just go to its page and click the Support tab. Leave a comment and you can get response quickly.

commercial theme support

However, you pay for the product doesn’t mean that you should not be polite. Don’t try to annoy anyone with negative words. Be nice and they will really enjoy to helping with your questions.


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