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Several Ways to Promote WordPress Webinars Effectively

Several Ways to Promote WordPress Webinars Effectively

Hosting webinar has become a popular and useful practice for most webmasters. With the starting and presenting of a webinar, you can better communicate with your readers and promote your website or online business. In this case, we have already introduced the benefits to host the webinar and the easy steps of how to start a WordPress webinar easily. Even, we have listed some tips about how to host an effective webinar. However, you have to note that it is useless if nobody knows that you are going to showcase a webinar no matter how valuable the content is. Due to this, we are going to introduce several ways to promote WordPress webinars effectively.

Before Everything

In fact, before creating and promoting your webinar, you should ask yourself 4 questions in the very beginning. If you cannot ensure these 4 points, it is hard for you to launch a successful webinar at all.

  • Do you have to a sufficient number of regular visitors?
  • Does the content of your webinar trustworthy?
  • Can you ensure the tight connect between your website and webinar platform?
  • Can you spare the enough time and energy to prepare for the rich webinar content?

Promote WordPress Webinars Using Videos

Frankly speaking, it can be quite effective to get your webinar out of the world using videos. After all, the well-recorded videos with the promotional purpose can work much better than the pure words.

Generally speaking, the promotional videos are short, but can tell people what you are going to say directly. With it, you can make a sneak peek for your webinar.

It is possible that you do not want to record a new video. If so, why not consider taking a shoot of your webinar that is attractive and interesting? While many people are more willing to watch videos than reading the words, this practice can make your event much more appealing and professional.

In the following, we have listed some steps if you want to make use of this method.

Shoot or Record the Promotional Video Using the Proper Equipment

To get a promotional video, you can choose to record a new video that shows what you are talking. Or, you can record some parts of your webinar on the computer screen. In this case, the first thing you need to do is to choose the suitable equipment based on what type of video you are going to make.

After getting the screen recording tool or the camera ready, you should have a test before getting them work.

Promotional Video

Structure Your Promotional Video in Advance

It is true that the promotional video needs to be short and concise. However, this does not mean that you can make it without any preparation. Instead, it is necessary for you to focus on the following tips so as to create the promotional video successfully.

  • Outline everything that you’d better enter into this video. All of these parts should be able to catch the eyes of your readers.
  • Analyze each part and think about the main content of these parts.
  • Make all the points together and check whether they are concise. If there is something dragging on, you should delete the unnecessary parts.
  • Make sure that the promotional video can be finished in around 2 minutes.

Have a Rehearsal on Your Promotional Video

No matter you make the video for the first time or you already have some experiences, you should have a rehearsal before the shooting or recording of the video. This practice helps you test your equipment and the recording location. In addition, it reduces the possibilities of coming out a disappointed video. Thus, you will not waste your time and energy.

Promotional Video Rehearsal

Bring the Video in Front of Your Audiences

After coming out an effectively promotional video, now, you can bring it in front of your readers. The more eyes checking this video, the more people may attend your webinar.

For this, you should publish this video on all the possible channels you already have, including your WordPress website and the social media platforms. Even, you can email this video to your newsletter subscribers.

Promote WordPress Webinars Using Social Media

The social media network is another cost-effective way to market your webinar. Actually, many of you may already use this method to promote the web content to the wide audiences. With it, you can better engage with your readers with the strong relationship. Also, you can increase the brand awareness and get more loyal audiences easily.

In addition, sharing your webinar information on these social media platforms is totally free and effortless. And while almost all the Internet users have the accounts of any social network, you do not need to look around for the potential audiences intensively.

Choose the Exact Social Media Platform

Ideally, you’d better promote your webinar on all the social media platforms. But actually, due to the limited time and energy, this is hard for you. In this case, you’d better choose the social media network you are active on. In addition, you need to make sure that you have already cultivated these platforms. In this case, you have a large number of followers who are interested in what you are talking and discussing.

Social Media Platform

Decide the Posting of the Promotional Message

Looking for a lot of audiences to show up on the webinar? Here, you need to promote your webinar in advance. However, when should you spread the information to the world and how many promotional messages should you publish?

Here, you need to make a posting schedule to make sure that you can start the promotion in a smooth way. Surely, the schedule may vary depending on the niche and audience of your website. However, many experts recommend that you can start the promotion about 2 weeks before your webinar. This gives your potential audiences enough time to fit their schedule and check your webinar in time.

As for the posting frequency, we do not recommend you to post too often. The best frequency is once per day on all of your active social platforms.

Promote WordPress Webinars Using Email Newsletters

The last promotion method is to use your email newsletters. The email campaign can tap into all your subscribers directly. In this case, you can easily tell them when the webinar starts and what it may cover. While all the people subscribing to your newsletters must have interests on your content, this practice can target your potential webinar audiences easily.

Come Out the Effective Email Headline

Before sending out the email, you must make sure that the headline is effective enough. Otherwise, people may view it as a common newsletter that mentions about your new update. Some of your subscribers are not willing to open the email message. In this case, you’d better mention the fact that you are going to a host a webinar in the future.

In addition, you can build up a sense of urgency so that people are more likely to keep reading.

Effective Email Headline

Send Out the Message Ahead of the Webinar

As you have to reach as many audiences as possible for your webinar, you’d better start the email campaign at least 2 weeks ago. If you only send the monthly newsletters, the campaign even needs to be mentioned months ago.

Include A Call-To-Action Button

Here, you can embed a CTA button into your email. With it, you can ask your subscribers o attend the webinar directly. People just need to click this button. And then, they can be notified when the webinar is going to start.

Even, you can foster the emergency on the button. For instance, you can tell people that the number of webinar attendees is limited. If they have the interests, they need to join for a seat at once.

Email Call-To-Action Button


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