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Premium WordPress Hosting VS VPS Hosting

Premium WordPress Hosting VS VPS Hosting

Some premium WordPress hosting boast that they have rich features and fast speed, even better than VPS hosting. However, is the truth real as they say? Not really! As we do a comparison between premium WordPress hosting VS VPS hosting, we found that VPS shall be the better choice for WordPress on features, performance and security.


Before compare two hosting types, we overview them and tell what Premium WordPress hosting and VPS hosting mean.

Premium WordPress Hosting

Premium WordPress hosting vs VPS hostingPremium WordPress hosting, also named as managed WordPress hosting, is an advanced shared hosting for WordPress. Be different from typical WordPress hosting, it offers more value and more features for customers running WordPress. Everything from the servers to the customer experience is optimized for WordPress. Hosting on it, the websites load incredibly fast, upgrades are done already, and customers will get enterprise grade security as well.

However, it costs much more than typical WordPress hosting, and customers may actually not have as much control. In this case, premium WordPress hosting is suitable for small business websites.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server) is a service that gives customers a web server’s hardware to share with others without sharing the software. Customers could have complete root control over the server as if it was their own dedicated server, but they will share the CPU, RAM and bandwidth with other users who are on the same server.

VPS hosting is very nice because it bridges the gap between shared hosting and dedicated hosting services. It gives you dedicated service at a lower price. For this reason, VPS hosting is great for users whose websites have outgrown their shared hosting service but can’t quite afford a dedicated server.

Premium WordPress Hosting VS VPS Hosting

WPEngine is a famous premium WordPress hosting, and InMotion VPS is one of the fastest VPS hosting packages. They are the representatives of two hosting types, and have similar price level, seeing the comparison as the following:

InMotion VPS-1000 WPEngine Personal Plan
WP Installs Unlimited 1
Local Storage 40 GB 10 GB
Data Transfer 750 GB/mo Unlimited
Full cPanel License Free No
Dedicated IPs 2 0
Root Access Yes No
SSH Yes No
Environment CentOS, cPanel, WHM Unknown
Backups 24 hours 24 hours
Money Back 30 Days 60 Days
24×7 Support Phone, Live Chat & Email Email
Price $29.99/mo $29/mo
Learn more NOT Recommended

From the chart above, we could see that InMotion VPS is better than WPEngine premium WordPress hosting in features. In fact, VPS is better than premium hosting on many aspects, see the detailed reasons as the following:

# VPS more rich-featured

We could see that VPS hosting is more rich-featured intuitively as above chart. In fact, the VPS features are far more than these. On VPS hosting, customers could choose the OS from more than 30 Linux operating system templates instead of provider’s choice. Customers also have their own partition and root access that they could fully control the server and install anything they need.

In addition, VPS hosting also includes SSH that customers could be secure to log in remote server from the local computers. With SSH encryption, the personal information won’t be exposed even if the login information is intercepted. So customers could have much higher security on VPS hosting as well.

# VPS has dedicated server resources

Some shared hosting boast about offering huge amounts of space because they know most people will never use that much. However, all disks have a physical limitation. In comparison, VPS hosting provides independent and transparent space and bandwidth. The servers will not be oversold, and the CPU, RAM, Space, Memory are also transparent, even if you don’t use that much, no one could use it.

# VPS better performance & reliability

All resources can be regulated in the VPS environment. One customer cannot run away with a large share of the resources. Customers’ service will run much reliably and predictably.

As well, for VPS accounts are isolated from each other, decreasing the risk of damage from hackers as well as other customers. The isolation of the hosting accounts also minimizes the risk of being impacted by a DoSS attack that was intended for someone else. So customers could get better performance and security on VPS hosting.

# Hosting extras

In general, VPS hosting comes with dedicated IPs which values $2/mo or more expensive. And customers could optimize their websites for better SEO.


Overall, under the same price level, VPS hosting is more cost effective than premium WordPress hosting. For customers who need packages for high traffics, going with InMotion VPS-1000 is a good choice. Starting at $29.99/mo, they could get 30% discount going through the exclusive InMotion promotional link.

Besides, InMotion VPS includes 3 plans that customers could easily upgrade their packages when business growing up. With the 24×7 US based support and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, customers could be assured with the purchase security.

Check out InMotion VPS service, visit http://www.inmotionhosting.com/


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