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Pinterest Marketing Tips in 2017 for Massive Referral Traffic

Pinterest Marketing Tips in 2017 for Massive Referral Traffic

At present, there are a large number of social networking platforms available coming with massive active users on a daily basis. By leveraging their popularity, you can get the great chances for increasing the referral traffic of your website.

Among these great social media, Pinterest is a special option that mainly focuses on the sharing of images. As online users are likely to be drawn down to the high-quality and attractive visuals, this pinning platform now is rising in user base and its growth rate even has surpassed Twitter. In addition, Pinterest has a highlight that it processes all the image-based information promptly and focuses on the engagement with these contents. Thus, according to this Traffic Report for Social Media, Pinterest can bring you more than 3 times of traffic as compared with some other platforms such as Google Plus and YouTube.

In the following, we’d like to list some Pinterest marketing tips about how to effectively use this platform for getting the massive referral traffic.

Get Started with Pinterest in a Professional Manner

To begin with, you need to sign up with this platform using your Twitter account, Facebook account, Google Plus account or email. During the registration process, we highly recommend you to use your website name as the user name. Also, you need to fill in the details of your site that include the URL, general description, logo and favicon.

Here, we want to introduce you a special tactic when finishing your profile information. You can integrate the keyword with your self-introduction. For instance, if your site is about coffee with the name of Annie Shop, you can use “Annie Coffee Shop” as the profile name. The same rule goes for the About You section that allows you to say something about you and your site.

This is an effective keyword strategy that helps your pins be found by people and by showcased in the search engine results easily.

Sign Up With Pinterest

Showcase the Pin It Button on Your Site

The Pin It button allows a high level of convenience for your website visitors to pin something from your site to their own Pinterest accounts. After that, you can get a great opportunity to have your website content checked or even shared by many other Pinterest users. This can result in an effective exposure on this platform.

To add this special button on your site, the easiest way is to utilize the plugin. Here, we simply suppose that your site is WordPress based. And we recommend you to use the Pinterest “Pin It” Button plugin. With it, you can decide the button size, shape and color based on your webpage design. If you want, you can also showcase the pin count besides or above the button to indicate the popularity.

Pin It Button Settings

In addition, you can determine where the button can be located. For instance, you can showcase it on homepage, front page, some individual posts, individual pages and the archive pages. Even, the location within the webpage can be decided freely. The options include above the overall content, below the content or being showcased in the post excerpts.

Post Visibility Settings

As for inserting it, you can leverage the default Pin It widget for showing the button on your sidebar. Or, you can open the editing screen of your posts or pages to complete the special “Pin It” meta box for button display.

If you use some other CMSs for website building, you can check this post for more alternative methods.

Optimize the Visual Effects of Your Pinterest Account

You need to try your best to encourage your followers or the common Pinterest uses to pin your shared images. To achieve this goal, we recommend you to optimize the visual effect of your online sharing.

In the following, we have listed some tricks for doing so.

  • If you want to showcase some videos on your Pinterest account, do not share the URL but directly pin it on this platform.
  • To achieve the unity and prevent image hotlinking, you can add your unique watermark on all the pictures.
  • The proper ratio is important for the arrangement of your images. Based on our personal experience, the 2:3 ratio can give you the best results.
  • If possible, you’d better not to put up some pictures that have the real human faces. As researched, this kind of image receives 23% less repins.
  • Always remember that people are easily to be caught by some dominant images with the colorful style.
  • Generally, the long visuals can bring you more repins and traffic. Therefore, you can convert some of your pictures into the infographics for display. This tip is useful when you share some “tip” images or “how to” images.

Utilize the “From” Feature

One of the best benefits of Pinterest is that it allows you to redirect your shared content back to your website. To achieve this, you only need to edit the pin for modifying the source. In this way, when people click your pins on Pinterest, they can be redirected to your website automatically.

However, as a Pinterest user, you must know that there are two clicks required to take people to your site. The first click is used to enlarge the pin and the second one achieves the redirection purpose. In this case, to ensure the redirection for some new users who do not know the rule, we also recommend you to add your website link into the description area of your pins in addition to editing the pin source.

Edit Pins

Start Engaging with Your Pinterest Followers

If you want to turn your Pinterest followers into your website visitors, you’d better engage with them consistently by keeping a regular pinning frequency. Thus, your updated information can appear in their feeds. Even, you can schedule your pins using additional tools and services like Viral Woot.

In addition, if you have enough time and energy, you’d better check the pins and boards of your followers each day. Also, you need to repin their contents that are highly related to your website. Especially, if you repin the images from some hot accounts and they return you a favor, you may get a major boost for your referral traffic.

Another great method to benefit the engagement is to comment on other pins. However, if you are just a starter on Pinterest, you’d better not to do this often for people may flag your account as spam.

Leverage the Power of Rich Pins

If your site is an e-commerce one, the rick pin is a great option for you. With it, you can show more details about your products and services. This can achieve the better click through rate, improved popularity and boosted referral traffic. Some other benefits you can get from rich pins are listed as below.

  • As regular pins require you to add the price information manually and showcase the product links only when people hover on the image, the rich pins show the charge automatically, along with the direct link to your product page.
  • Rich pins allow you to integrate the Pin It button with some mobile applications easily.
  • If you use rich pins for your product showcase, you can inform people of the price changes by sending the emails.

Rich Pins

Start the Contests

Starting the contest is effective for getting more traffic directly to your account and indirectly to your website. For example, you can create the contest board for your site and ask people to submit their interested topics from your posted content along with the reasons. This requires you to put up your website URL for reference. If your contest is attractive, people are likely check what you have posted. Also, if you promise the giveaway for the final winner, the number of participants can increase, resulting in more chances for your site to be known by more people.


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