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Pingdom Review - Website Uptime and Performance Monitoring

Pingdom Review – Website Uptime and Performance Monitoring

Reliable uptime and unmatchable page loading speed are the basics to build popular and profitable websites. Many webmasters are inclined to choose reputable and fast web hosting providers to get the uptime guarantee and fast hosting speed. However, all the promises are made by web hosts. How can people know whether the service providers keep their promise and what is the true performance of their websites?

To help readers better monitor their outstanding websites, today, our editors introduce a useful uptime supervising service – Pingdom to help people know websites’ real performances. We make the Pingdom review based on all important factors, including usage, price, features, as well as support.

Brief Introduction of Pingdom

Pingdom is a performance supervising website that aims to make your website more reliable and faster. It offers services and creates easy-to-handle tools for all websites to monitor uptime and performance; no matter it is a big site or small site. Once your website is down, Pingdom will inform you in a short time.


The website offers a monitoring system without any software or codes installed in your site. The practice saves your server resources. All you need to do is just offering your website address, choose the monitor interval, and choose to go. Once the worst thing happens – your site is offline, Pingdom will alert you through multiple ways including SMS, Twitter, email, and so on so forth. However, this is not the end of its service. As Pingdom sends you the bad news, it also analyzes the problem and tells you how to fix it as soon as possible. Isn’t it amazing?


There are four monitoring solutions offered by the company, including Starter, Standard, and Enterprise whose discounted prices are ranging from $9.59/mo to $453.75/mo. Note that the above mentioned prices are only valid for yearly subscription that comes with one month’s free trial. Of course, you can choose the monthly billing cycle that is pricing from $14.95/mo to $495/mo. According to the principle of purchasing cost-effective commodities, we highly recommend all readers to choose the yearly plan.


FeaturesAs the Professional plan is the best value one claimed by the company, we are going to analyze Pingdom features based on professional. The solution comes with 250 checks, 20 real users supervising websites, five BeepManager pro users, two million page reviews per month, as well as well as 500 SMS warnings on signup.

Besides, many other useful features are also available, such as public status page, check tags, discounts on SMS, RUM pages, and multi-user login. The company also offers mobile applications for Android and IOS to inform users the report data. In addition to rich features, the biggest highlight of Pingdom is that the company utilizes an intuitive and easy-to-handle interface that presents all the gathered data of uptime and speed.


In the process of using the monitoring service, you may encounter various problems and feel confused about what to do. To avoid this happening, the company offers hotline and email for site managers to contact their support staffs. Besides, if you have some simple questions, you can turn to FAQ for the answers.


To be honest, if you have made up your mind to build an excellent website, Pingdom is a necessary tool. In the final analysis, all the problems are attributed to hosting services.

Thus, choosing a reliable and fast web host is the key to solving all the issues. In the following, our editors carefully pick out 3 reputable web hosting providers with affordable price, unmatchable performance, and responsive technical support.


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