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How to Password Protect a Folder with cPanel

How to Password Protect a Folder with cPanel

As a WordPress user, you may create important folders on your server now and then. However, some of them are too private or secret to let others know. Under this condition, creating a password to protect a folder becomes emergency and necessary. Once you have successfully finished the process, only those who are authorized can get access to these folders.

You may consider the whole process troublesome and time-saving. However, if you purchase a hosting plan comes with cPanel, then, you can create a password within several minutes. In the following, we are going to tell you how to password protect a folder on WordPress with cPanel step by step.

Create Password

Go to your hosting account and log into cPanel. Scroll down and you can see a Password Protection Directories icon under Security category.

password protect directons

Click on the icon and a window will pop up and you are asked to select a directory to open (you should choose the one contains the targeted folder). Then, under the directory opened just now, you can see many folders there. Now, just choose the one you want to add password to and click on it.

open directory

Once you have chosen a folder, you are required to configure the Security settings and Create user. Make sure to select the check box of Password Protect This Directory. Then, set the name of the protected directory and click to save settings. Therefore, when a user accesses the protected directory through the web, they are prompted to enter a user name and password.

click save

After doing these, you need to navigate to Create User. In this part, you are going to fill in Username and New Password. Under all the blanks, there is a notification reading Add/Modify Authorized User. This button allows you to change user name, password and of course, create as many users as you want. Here, you create a password for a specified folder successfully.

create users

Best WordPress Hosting with cPanel

Creating a password for a pointed folder is really easy with cPanel. In fact, cPanel is recognized as the most user-friendly and easy-to-use control panel in the industry. However, not every hosting plan offers a cPanel. Thus, we comprehensively reviewed dozens of hosting companies offering cPanel and finally pick out the following three web hosts with rich features, high reliability, fast speed, responsive customer service, and affordable price.


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