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Comparison Between Paid Blog and Free Blog Platform

Comparison Between Paid Blog and Free Blog Platform

For people wishing to set up a personal blog, they can choose between a free blogging platform and a paid blog hosting package. Now the question is which one is the better choice. In this article, we have discussed and compared the two options comprehensively, with a view to help our readers get a precise understanding and make the right decision.


priceFree blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress.com are undoubtedly budget-saving, for it allows people to set up a blog site without costing even 1 penny. However, they only offer limited volume of server resources, so the blog built with these platforms can only be the simple and small one, without too many high-resolution images, multimedia files, and powerful plugins. Otherwise, bloggers need to spend extra money to upgrade their packages for more allocation of disk storage and monthly data transfer. WordPress.com, for instance, charges bloggers as high as $99.00 for 10 GB of disk space upgrade.

In terms of paid blog hosting, its average price is around $5/mo, which can be afforded by the majority of bloggers all over the world. These hosting packages include all the tools needed to set up a blog site easily, and many web hosts allow unlimited storage, monthly bandwidth, domain hosting, and e-mail accounts, which are impossible offers from the free providers. Take an example. JustHost offers the unlimited web hosting plan starting at $6.99/mo regularly including a free domain name $14.95/year valued, but now it’s providing a compelling 68% discount for $2.25/mo only for the readers going through this exclusive promotional link.

Themes Options

If you are serious about your blog site, then you must want your blog unique and different from any others on the web. To achieve this, you need to make use of themes. As investigated, the theme options offered by free platforms are very limited, which have been utilized by a lot of bloggers many times. For instance, there are only 200 + themes available at WordPress.com.

Paid package, however, allows bloggers to choose from unlimited theme choices provided by so many theme designers and third parties, such as Elegant Themes, Mojo Themes, WPNow, and many more. Therefore, bloggers can beautify their blog sites and make them stand out from the crowd effectively. See an example in the following.


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Blogs hosted with free platforms are not preferred by search engines, so they are rarely ranked highly in the searching list. Besides, as the domain plays a vital role in search engine optimization, the domain name of free blogs are every unprofessional, coming with an annoying suffix like wordpress.com all the time.

Blogs hosted with web hosting service is totally different. Bloggers can determine any domain name as they want, which is easy-to-remember, keyword-rich, and SEO-friendly.

Plugin Utilization

pluginWithout doubt, plugins are essential for any blog sites, for it allows bloggers to add some additional functions beyond the core installation, such as the discussion board, social sharing networking, video or audio display, contact form, photo gallery, shopping cart, and many more. Besides, there are also some powerful plugins designed for issues like blog site security, search engine ranking, and page loading speed, etc.

Paid blog hosting allows bloggers to download and install these useful plugins as many as they need. Free providers, however, only offer the most basic built-in plugins like social sharing buttons, and disallow blogger to use any third party plugins.

Blog Site Security

People who utilize free blogging may encounter more security vulnerabilities than those who utilize paid one. This is because free providers spare little budget for security measurements, and do not allow bloggers to install some related plugins to strengthen their blog sites.

Paid hosting companies, however, pay much attention to this respect, and offer a lot of related technologies to ensure a safe and secure blogging environment, such as SSL, SSH, spam assassin protection, box trapper spam blocker, and many more.

Blog Monetization

MonetizationAt present, more and more people utilize their blog sites to make money. However, for people building their blogs with WordPress.com, Blogger, or Tumbler, they can never have this opportunity. Once bloggers sell advertising spaces, publish paid posts, or release affiliate programs, their blogs might be banned without any notification.

For people choosing a reliable blog hosting package, they can have the full control over their blog site, and do any monetization activities they want.

Blog Performance

To be honest, free platforms are hardly to guarantee a good uptime track record and fast page loading speed. After all, there are a tremendous number of bloggers hosted on the platforms, so you are every likely to be affected by some abusive neighborhoods who consume excessive server resources.

Blog hosting companies, however, leverage the power of quality web servers and world-class data centers to guarantee no downtime and unmatched hosting speed, some of which even develop exclusive technologies for peak performance.


According to this comparison, paid blogging is definitely better than free one. Therefore, if you are going to set up a personal blog, simply choose a reliable and affordable web hosting solution like JustHost.


Susan Rose is a freelance writer who has a deep knowledge about WordPress. She loves everything related to website building since the freshman year at Christopher Newport University, and loves to share her experience with people all over all the world. In the daily life, Susan loves detective novels as it can train her logical thinking and creativity.