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Page.ly Review - How about Page.ly Managed WordPress Hosting?
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Page.ly Review – How about Page.ly Managed WordPress Hosting?

This is an in-depth Page.ly review that intends to introduce its price, features, security, performance and customer service in detail. As many people are doubted for the expensive price and don’t know how to make a choice, this post can dispel customers’ doubts and help them have a comprehensive and thorough understanding about the company and service.

Page.ly is an excellent company that focuses on WordPress issues and offers managed WordPress hosting service. Since established in 2006 and re-launched in 2009, it has quickly grown to be a professional and reputable company in the field. Check out the overall reputation of the company by viewing the ratings in the below chart.

Page.ly Review

  • Reputation
    rating 3 of 5
  • Features
    rating 3 of 5
  • Speed
    rating 4 of 5
  • Reliability
    rating 4 of 5
  • Support
    rating 2 of 5
  • Price

Plans & Price

Page.ly is proud to provide 3 level solutions for all kinds of users and applications, including Managed WordPress, Managed WordPress VPS and Enterprise. The basic Managed WordPress comes with 4 plans as Personal, Business, Professional and Ultimate, designed for professional blogs to business websites.

Starting at $24/mo, $64/mo, $149/mo and $269/mo respectively, the plans are much expensive than general WordPress hosting services for $5/mo to $10/mo promotionally. For example, BlueHost WordPress is pricing for $2.95/mo, coming with 63% discount and a lot of advanced features. Eventually, Page.ly managed WordPress is more expensive than some VPS hosting service that rates from $20/mo to $60/mo.

Resources & Features

The company defines the resources for each plan and encourages customers to choose a high level package. The basic Personal plan only allows 1 WordPress installs, and the most expensive Ultimate plan also limits for 20 installs. Besides, the disk space, bandwidth, and press CDN are all limited. See the detailed resources in the below screenshot.

Pagely plans screenshot

In addition to the given features, the company also offers resource expansion for customers whose websites need optional features. The detailed price is showing in the following.

  • 50GB Expansion Bandwidth – $10/mo
  • 10GB Expansion Disk – $15/mo
  • Base 50GB CDN – $9/mo
  • Ultra 150GB CDN – $19.95/mo
  • Super 500GB CDN- $59.95/mo
  • Private Database Instances Medium – $250/mo
  • Private Database Instances Large – $500/mo

All plans include automatic WP upgrades, backup, PressCache, PressArmor, and export support. However, they don’t support any of staging sites, private DB instances, GIT/SVN, SSH, DB access or HHVM support. Besides, the basic Personal plan is not available for SSL or dedicated IPs.


performanceTo keep the online websites running smooth and fast, the company tries its best to provide safe, reliable and fast manage WordPress hosting service.

It develops Press ARMOR in mind and has the ability to secure WordPress most with secure cloud hosting package, redundant firewalls and DDoS protections. In addition, it pushes every site through the caching layer which serves request super fast. So customers can enjoy amazing fast page loading speed and reliable service.

Technical Support

Customers don’t need to worry about the support on Page.ly as it offers managed service. It handles everything management, and you can only focus on your site. If you want to get instant help, you can submit a ticket, chat with an expert through the Live System, and find a few helpful resources on the support center.

At last, please note that there is no phone support to contact for a real expert. Moreover, the chat support is only available during Pacific Standard Time.

Page.ly Review – Conclusion

Starting at $24/mo, Page.ly managed WordPress comes with advanced features and performance. However, it is only suitable for large business websites without technical staffs. For bloggers and small to medium sized businesses, we highly recommend them for the below choices.

Reliable WordPress Hosting

For customers who run personal blogs and individual websites, especially those have a limited budget, Page.ly is obviously not their choices. In this case, they can go with some cheap WordPress hosting services in the below, all of which are thoroughly reviewed by our editors and highly recommended by experienced users.

VPS Hosting Options

For companies whose websites have gone out of the shared hosting resources, they should go with VPS hosting rather than managed hosting. After all, managed hosting is an advanced shared hosting package. With VPS hosting package, users have complete control over their website and content.


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