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Organic Themes Discount Code

Organic Themes Discount Code

Now, more and more people realize that a good website design contributes a lot to bringing visitors. Therefore, it’s increasingly important to choose a good theme from marketplaces. Some people may consider to go with Organic Themes, but it isn’t a good choice as the advertisement.

As the matter of fact, it’s a personal company without reliable support. Its responsive themes have no fix and updates, not friendly for customzied settings and foncifugreation. Besides, there were some security accidents which lead many of their customers’ sites been hacked or attacked. In this case, we recommend customers going with some truly reputable theme providers like WPNow, which offers a wide set of quality and responsive themes.

It offers a variety of premium WordPress themes for artists, business as well as bloggers. In addition to periodically release new themes, the company also provides a continuous update for existing ones. WPNows offers affordable themes so that users don’t need to worry about money.

What’s more, in order to make the price more affordable and budget-friendly, it also launches many discount codes as below so that everyone can get a discount by using these codes.


The company offers two kinds of sales: single and wholesale. If you are likely to regularly change your themes with different styles, wholesale is a better choice. However, if you want to a fixed style, you’d better purchase a single one.

All the themes offered by WPNow have the same price tag: $49, however, wholesale for all themes is just priced at $79. To be honest, this original price is competitive and appealing in the market, let alone the discounted one.

  • Coupon Code: 32C34C9198, cut 50% off the regular price of WPNow products.
  • Coupon Code: 8EDF99, allow customers get a 50% discount at any theme.
  • Coupon Code: 3B208E8D, reducing 50% of WPNow Modesto theme.

When using these codes, you just need to copy and paste them before paying for the products.

Outstanding Showcases

After introducing the coupon codes, we’d like to show you some special and eye-catching themes produced by WPNow. All of them are rich-featured, elaborately designed and suitable for a wide range of websites.

Flatshop WordPress Theme

The theme is designed for commercial websites especially small ones and can be used to showcase latest projects and sell company products. Flatshop has custom post types and page templates for setting up job listing and showcase employees. It is wide featured with responsive framework portfolio template, WooCommerce compatible, customization options and gravity forms styling.

Flatshop WordPress Theme

Gleam WordPress Theme

The design of Gleam is clean and the code is carefully organized and documented, making it the perfect foundation for any WordPress theme project. It is one of the best themes presented by Organic and it is periodically maintained and updated with the latest scripts. Seed has everything needed for a useful WordPress theme such as responsive framework, portfolio template, gravity forms styling, shortcodes, Google forms and multiple column layouts.

Gleam WordPress Theme

Fullpane WordPress Theme

Fullpane is a beautiful responsive theme designed for showcasing groups of people. It has a sleek and modern design and is an ideal website solution for partnerships, associations, non-profits organizations, teams, clubs, start-up companies and small businesses. Fullpane has a friendly mobile layout and a custom homepage design with a rich-featured sliders and sections to present team members, blogs and other information.

The theme is built with HTML5 and CSS3 coding and includes a lot of other features such as options framework, custom header, and custom menu, team custom post type, Photoshop design file, social media buttons and many more.

Fullpane WordPress Theme


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