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How to Optimize WordPress with Instagram

How to Optimize WordPress with Instagram

We have already shared a lot of methods concerning about how to optimize your WordPress sites with social networking platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. After all, these media have been used by a tremendous number of users, which can increase your chances to be known by people all around the world significantly.

Here, we’d like to introduce you another popular platform that is called Instagram, along with a detailed tutorial on how to utilize it correctly and effectively.

Benefits of Instagram

This is an online photo sharing networking platform, and now even integrates with video display. Users can upload their favorite pictures or videos on it, and share to people publicly. If people are interested in your posts, they can get the instant message of your update by following your account.

Since 2013, Instagram has more than 150 million monthly active users. While launched in October 2010, how can this service be so popular within such a short period? Check the highlights in the following.


  • It confirms a picture to a square shape instead of the original 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Instagram can be distributed through smart phones with the system of Android and iOS.
  • It has an in-built photo-taking and photo-shaping service.
  • It is integrated with all the main social networking services.

Build a Popular Instagram Account

Now, you may be wondering how to use this service? First of all, you are undoubtedly required to register for an account. After signing in, click on the head portrait section on the right top location of the whole screen, then choose Your Account to edit your profile. Here, you can finish the name, e-mail address, username, phone number, sex, birthday, brief introduction, and the URL of your website.

Due to the fact the ultimate goal for you to use this service is to promote your website, you’d better relate the personal profile to the site, especially in the Biography section.

If you want to delete your account, click the option in the right bottom of the webpage.

Instagram profile

Now, simply try your best to win followers, such as searching people who are in the same niche as you and then following them, leaving meaningful comments to popular posts actively, showing your “like” of other people’s sharing to remain them of your existence, and many more. You can get some inspirations from this post. Note that the process may cost you time and energy, so you need to be patient and persistent. However, once you have gained a large follower base, then you can market your site with ease.

Add Instagram Widget via WordPress Dashboard

Now, you need to display the Instagram images in your WordPress site, which in turn brings you more engaged followers.

In fact, since WordPress 3.5, there is an in-built oEmbed support for Instagram in WordPress core installation. This means you only need to copy the URL of your Instagram photo, and then paste it into pages or posts. The image can be displayed automatically.

Instagram images on WordPress

Add Instagram Widget via Plugins

In fact, the easiest way to achieve the integation between WordPress and Instagram is by using WordPress Instagram Plugins. The following list contains some best WordPress Instagram plugins, which allow you to share the profile and photographs with your readers on the WordPress website with ease.

Alpine Photo Title for Instagram


It helps in retrieving photos from the particular user of Instagram and some specific tags. It also displays these photos on the website of WordPress effectively with the help of variant tools. These photos can be easily linked to the page of Instagram or to some specific URL. You can also link these photos to the slideshow of Lightbox. It also contains a generator of shortcode, which helps you in inserting the widget into the posts without the need of learning them. It also contains a powerful widget that takes benefit of WordPress scripts for creating an excellent presentation.

Alpine Photo Title for Instagram

Instagram for WordPress


This is a sidebar plugin, which helps in showing the latest photos, your favourite photos, tagged photos, other users’ photos and your feed. This widget could be easily shown in three ways i.e. grid, slideshow and grid with paging. If you want to get started with the Instagram widget, install it in the Instagram and click on the Setup button. This is a perfect WordPress plugin, which is surely going to make your surfing experience easier on Instagram.

Instagram for WordPress

Simply Instagram


This WordPress Instagram plugin displays the photos from Instagram with the help of Short code and Widget. The use of this plugin requires you to provide your Instagram ID and token of access. The other features of this plugin include custom slideshow theme, custom image display, shortcode generator, admin settings, media viewer, trending options of display and many more. The excellent features of this plugin make it easy to use.

Simply Instagram

Easy Instagram


This plugin can display the image of Instagram from a single photo of Instagram user’s collection or from the other images throughout the Instagram using one specific Tag. This plugin can also develop an image gallery that can contain ten images using the Tag or Instagram ID. The other features of Easy Instagram include flexibility, set of bare minimum features, shortcode options, widget options, very simple instructions of usage and streamlined coding for the optimized performance of plugin.

Easy Instagram

Instagram Picture


This plugin does an excellent job to your WordPress website. You can easily integrate your Instagram photos with your site via the help of this plugin. It is considered perfect as it embeds the photos of Instagram to the WordPress website within any location that you think is perfect. The Instagram Picture not only allows you to add images to the locations within the site of WordPress but it also contain many options of placing things like PHP, widgets and shortcodes.

Instagram Picture

Enjoy Instagram


With the help of this plugin, you can display image sliders of the photos available in Instagram with hashtags. This plugin allows you to enjoy Instagram in the sidebars, posts and pages. The photos can be shown in lightbox mode. All the things in this plugin are responsive and have been optimized for the mobile users in particular. This plugin needs your Instagram ID and connection to use the photos. It further contains grid view, touch, widgets, hashtags and many more.

Enjoy Instagram

Simple Instagram


It helps you in displaying the information of Instagram profile, feeds and famous Instagram posts. It also incorporates shortcodes to use within the posts, along with the widgets for including in the sidebars. It is really easy to install and use, and makes use of API. The page of settings monitors the connection. Therefore, if anything goes wrong during the process, you get to know instantly.

Simple Instagram

Email iT Share Buttons


You can place this button anywhere in your website and blogs. It contains menu which is searchable. It also allows you to show and hide the counter. This service integrates different buttons for sharing, media solutions, social plugins, website analytics and many more features for you. You can easily enhance the number of page views and can boost the engagement of visitors with the help of this plugin. it also allows you to share and promote your content.

Email iT Share Buttons

Instagram Image Gallery


This is a highly advanced widget that allows you to showcase the Instagram photos on your WordPress website and blogs in a beautiful manner. It contains the features of thumbnails and slideshows. It also contains a wide variety of custom options. These options include widget width, slideshow pace, text colours, background colours, photo borders and many more. It is an excellent WordPress Instagram plugin, which can definitely enhance the outlook of your posts.

Instagram Image Gallery

WP Instagram Widget


This is a perfect Instagram widget that can help you in showcasing the latest Instagram photos. It makes use of a very simple mark-up that works quite sensibly. It does not require CSS and styles. Note that it provides you with the filters for making adjustments with the caches. It does not require much setup and can works standalone.

WP Instagram Widget

To help you better realize the process, we have taken Simply Instagram as an example for further explanation.

After installing and activating this plugin, you can go for the Settings tab in your WordPress dashboard, and choose the Simply Instagram to log in Instagram for authorization. After clicking the Authorize button with red color, you can see a Login button next to Instagram logo. Then, click on that button.

Simply Instagram settings

In the next screen, you are required to offer the username and password of your Instagram account. Add the right information and click the Authorize button. Then, this plugin can access your Instagram data without any hassle.

Note that this plugin features 4 default widgets that include Currently Popular, Latest Feed, Recent Media, and User Info. Simply choose the most suited one based on your needs and preference, and then drag and drop it to WordPress sidebar area.

  • Currently Popular widget showcases currently popular posts.
  • Latest Feed widget displays your latest photos.
  • Recent Media widget displays your recent media contents.
  • User Info widget presents the information of users.

Simply Instagram widget


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