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How to Optimize WordPress Database with WP-Optimize?

How to Optimize WordPress Database with WP-Optimize?

This is a detailed tutorial to help webmasters who intend to optimize WordPress database for better performance and good customer satisfaction rate. Reasonably, we take use of the top rated WordPress database plugin – WP-Optimize.

As many people are focusing on search engine optimization and website customization to appeal more visitors, database still cannot be ignored part that essentially determines your site speed and traffic. This tutorial just comes to helping people use WP-Optimize plugin to optimize WordPress database and improve the site performance.

Download & Install WP-Optimize

Just like all other plugins, you need to install and activate it before taking use of its functionality. Log into your dashboard, go to Plugins -> Add New, search for “WP-Optimize” and then click the button to install and activate it.

install plugins

Once activated, it adds a WP-Optimize tab on the left menu bar, which gives you entry to optimize your database. Click on it to open the Optimizer, and you can see the below screenshot.

wp-optimize Optimizer

Clean up Database

Before doing any changes, you should first to back up your database, which offers you a copy no matter what goes wrong during the process.

In the next, you can look through the full optimization options and select the ones you want to optimize on your database. The plugin comes with 7 clean-up options, including

  • Clean all posts revisions
  • Clean all auto draft posts and posts in trash
  • Remove spam comments and comments in trash
  • Remove unapproved comments
  • Remove transient options
  • Remove pingbacks
  • Remove trackbacks

By default, the first three options are select by the plugin while others are not selected. You can select them as you need, only make sure you are clear the effect and need to use them.

Then, click on Process button and the plugin will optimize your database automatically.

Optimize Tables

In addition, the plugin comes with functionality to optimize tables. Click on TABLES tab on the top panel, and then it presents you all tables in the WordPress database. In general, it marks the tables as green color if they are optimized, while red color for the ones that need optimization. At the bottom of the page, it also calculates the total size of database and optimization possibility.

optimize tables

You can optimize the tables by selecting the checkbox of Optimize database tables, and then click on Process button.

Automatically Optimize Database with WP-Optimize

It is tedious to optimize database every time by hand. Actually, you can simplify the process by configuring WP-Optimize settings and making it automatically optimize your database. Click on SETTINGS tab on the left, and you can see the General Settings and Auto Clean-up Settings as the following.

wp-optimize settings

You can set the scheduled clean-up in the Auto Clean-up Settings. First of all, select the checkbox of Enable Scheduled clean-up and optimization; then, choose the schedule type which is weekly by default; in the next, select the optimization options, at last, click on the below button to save settings. As a result, WP-Optimize plugin will automatically optimize your database as the settings.


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